The Diversity of Discrimination


We all have the capability to reason. We have a conscience that tells us if we’ve messed up or on-point with someone or not. It’s evidence of being ethical beings, who live in an ethical society. You’re embarrassed when you’ve messed up or something you may wanted to keep private is publicly revealed. That’s why it has been very interesting to watch the increase of incidents of people publicly revealing their biases. It’s evidence of their lack of cultural awareness and socialization. It almost seems pathological, because it appears that many just don’t care about what they’re saying or if anyone hears their thoughts, ideas or suggestions.

What triggers one can exhibit their bias, prejudice and even racial animosity towards someone is what makes the diversity of racism interesting. I’ve said many times before when speaking about racism that racism is not racist, because anyone can be one, it doesn’t discrimination. I’m not sure if it is solely due to ones lack of interaction and experience with diversity that makes them oblivious to the level of segregation within their life, but I’m actually glad to see them make themselves publicly known today. It allows more people to see each other more honestly and allows each of us the opportunity to make an informed decision in how we choose to interact with them.

The diversity of discrimination is fascinating, because it demonstrates what it isn’t. Anyone can discriminate and everyone does in some fashion. What we must consider is how we respond to it. Do we ignore them as if we don’t know their true feelings, even if we disagree with it? Do we choose to argue with them, because we disagree with their conclusion? Or should we use it as an opportunity to learn from each other despite the conflict and/or disagreement?

You may find disagreement with me or something I’ve said, but that isn’t the whole of who I am. We must consider each other before drawing inconsistent conclusions. I am not as bad as my enemies suggest that I am and not as good as my friends proclaim that I am. The content of my character can only be measured over time with the consideration of context. I’m more than what you say I am and a little less than what I think I am. Disagree with me when you discover it, but do it with the same sincerity you use when you agree with me.

Discrimination is apart of our nature. Recognize the diversity of it, in order to gain understanding of it when it occurs.