Black In America

Race, Religion & Politics

Some people may not take the time to properly interpret what this video is suggesting, before offering a conclusion. I do not want you to simply read the title and form an opinion that may include elements of racial biasness. Listen closely to what he’s saying and I believe many of you who are open-minded enough to listen to it will conclude that you can agree with the message.

It’s not an offense to Blacks in America, nor is it an offense to being White or any other culture in America. Just give it a chance and just keep reading each day and hopefully we will be able to share our thoughts, ideas and suggestions on how we can answer the questions that arise.

I just ask you to put your bias aside if you can, and listen to the underline message of this video. This is leading into something, so just say tuned.


2 thoughts on “Black In America

  1. OK … you’ve got my attention. Although hip-hop isn’t my favorite, I watched and listened – thus look forward to where you go with this. Although I only watched once, I found myself thinking about the amount of message analysis could happen here ,,, and even wondering how much one’s perspective affects the viewpoint. In other words, I know I need more time to digest it.

    1. 🙂 Thanks for listening Frank.

      I enjoy most genres of music, but have always love Hip Hop. Now the majority of Rap we hear played on the radio today is not the music I grew up listening to. I know music progress just like any genre and I can’t expect to hear RUN-DMC, Public Enemy, LL Cool J and Queen Latifah for ever, although LL released a CD last year and Queen Latifah is about to release her latest CD. But if you listen to them compared to Lil Wayne and some of these other artist (no disrespect to them) you can hear the difference just within the genre itself. So I understand that not everyone may like the genre, but this artist went back to more of what Hip Hop really is. Putting context and a face to some things you may not want to think about.

      This video is the beginning of a series of things I want to have a conversation about. Not everyone will agree with each point-of-view taken by me or others who may comment, but it’s the conversation that’s important. There’s a part 2 to this post that will lead into the beginning of the conversation. I hope everyone will take the time to check out what I’m asking them to do.

      Just remember, I’m a very fair person. So don’t let the title fool you.

      *I guess this comment is more to anyone who reads it than directed towards you, Frank. I’m glad you checked it out.*

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