37 (Thirty-Seven)

On this day thirty-seven years ago, the blogger some love and other hate was born. As a few of you who have been so kind to visit me online each day, week or whenever you have the time over the past year you may have an idea of one business I’m visiting today.

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who are kind enough to wish me well and a special thanks to those who wish me ill. It’s just good to be acknowledged, regardless if it’s good or bad.

Hold on for a minute…

Yes, I’ll have a large Mocha Cappuccino Blast with Peanut-Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream. If you could just add an extra pinch of cinnamon that would be wonderful. Thanks.

OK, I’m back. Now what was I saying? Oh yeah. Thanks for reading and telling me what you think about what I have to say.

Hold on…

Can I get a half dozen of the old fashion chocolate cake holes? Thanks.

Alright… Well I will chat with you tomorrow. One of my favorite songs just came on.


6 thoughts on “37 (Thirty-Seven)

  1. Happy Birthday Tim
    Today is my best friend from High Schools B-Day He is OLD (52) He is going to the New Yankee stadium for the 1st time,
    Hope You have a great birthday

  2. Happy Birthday Tim and best wishes for many more …. but also thanks to the gifts you’ve given us!

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