Ready To Die

Over the past several weeks we have witness many deaths of high profile or notable individuals. Among them has been one who probably cast the longest shadow when the news of his death begin to spread; Michael Jackson, but he wasn’t the only one. We also lost Ed McMahan, Billy Mays, Farrah Fawcett, Walter Cronkite, Steve McNair and Robert McNamara to name a few.

As we continue to hear of others both public and private, ordinary and extraordinary I’m reminded by the realization that any of us can go at anytime. So are your affairs in order?

If you were to suddenly die after you submitted your comment regarding this blog posts what unfinished business will your loved ones are forced to carry out for you? What conflicts would remain unresolved? What you could have, should have and would have done remain incomplete? How will what you have be shared or distributed? What will be revealed about your life that you were trying to take with you in death? All of these are questions we should have answers to, but how many of us are ready to die?

Recently I made a statement that was so truthful about myself it kind of scared me. It was more of a revelation than a statement. I was updating my monthly budget, because my insurance premium was lowered. Yeah! I get to save some money, but not too soon. I’m not going to see any of that money, if I’m the one who is dead. Also, I got bills to pay, money that must be made. So what am I cheering for?

I’m a better provider for my family dead, than I am alive.” And that’s what hit home, because as I looked over our finances and the insurance policy and did the math, my statement was true. I would be a more effective financial provider for my family dead, than I am alive today.

I’m not ready to die, but what if I was to die today? What’s next?

Without going into theology or spirituality I’m going to focus on the natural portion of what’s next.

I have an insurance policy that will take care of my family in the event of my death, but is that enough? NO! I need to get a Living Will in addition to getting the necessary documents that transfers any financial asset I may have to whomever from various institutions. What will happen to the things I value?

Besides all of this the question often overlooked is what relationships have I left undone or poorly and what can I do to resolve it?

What is important to me is how would I be remembered? Will you remember me for the overwhelmingly large amount of things I’ve done wrong and see me as a deviant and my untimely death is justified? Or will you smile with you hear my name, because you remember something I’ve said or did? I’m working towards the latter, but I still have much work to do.

I’m not ready to die just yet, but I want to be prepared for when it arrives.