You Can’t Because You Are…

One of the first things a toddler tends to do when developing their verbal social skills is to ask the never ending question of WHY. As a parent of a young child I find myself faced with answering the question of WHY on a daily basis. And each time I am brought back to my own childhood when I would ask the same thing of my parents. What I strive to do is not answer the question with the easy non-answer parents often give their children when they either don’t know the answer or don’t feel like explaining, you can say it with me, “because I said so.”

I continue to be diligent as a parent to not adopt the “do what I say, not as I do” philosophy, because it sets a poor example. I want to have a conversation with you about killing a person’s dreams, ambitions, aspirations, spirit or will.

Many of us have made the mistake of stopping at the NO. We have accepting the belief some have that suggests that you can’t do or achieve whatever you dream because you’re…Black, Hispanic, Latino, White, Gay, Democrat, Republican, Muslim or a Woman.

As a Black man I’ve heard this nonsense all my life. I admit I accepted it to a degree many years ago in certain aspects of life, but my question always remained. Why? Why should I be limited by the color of my skin? If I’m not ashamed of being Black, why should you?

When you know who you are and acknowledge what you are the phrase ‘You Can’t Because You Are” _______ sounds ridiculous. Accepting the luxury of “just being” is not something I’m willing to accept. You should not invest in disappointments, but resiliency. You must start each day, each instance of any time you’re discouraged you must respond by saying to yourself, “Yes I Can”.

It’s more than just a political slogan popularized in 2008, but what you must continue encouraging yourself to do is to. Stop allowing the negativity, ignorance, inconsideration; low self-esteem and lack of vision of others continue to govern your life. Someone will always seek to kill, steal or discourage you in some way. Once we learn to address it for what it is, we will find ourselves encouraging others with sincerity. You can because you are…

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