The Birthers

I will immediately state my biases that I believe these people are absolutely ridiculous. It’s just another example and confirms the “Prove-It” Mentality that I previously discussed.

With all due respect to those within the Republican Party who finds these people among them insane? I must say that this is just another mark against the GOP’s efforts to diversify its membership. You have a problem with this and you will not listen to the few people open-minded enough to offer some advice to help. This is absolutely ruining the way the Republican Party is viewed in groups who are not White men.

The Birthers are a cancer of conservative logic and replacing it with the irrational illogic that’s subtly redefining the Republican Party. Will someone please do something? Never mind your dislike of my thoughts, ideas and suggestions because if this continues the Republican Party will be replaced by the Libertarian Party.

I may disagree with the GOP, but you’re the enemy I know and love to hate as I am to you. It’s actually difficult watching you being reduced to what I know you’re not, but soon becoming. We can still disagree, but what has grab hold to the GOP is our common enemy and if you are true to the values you claim then you will stand up and speak out against these people and those who represent you who appease them, because they claim to be Republican.

Now I’m not even considering the unelected representatives who give credence to these people such as Rush Limbaugh, Lou Dobbs, Alan Keyes, G. Gordon Liddy, FOX News and friends. I’m talking about the elected officials who are all Republicans who are enabling and giving validity to their paranoia.

The Republican Party is under an ideological attack from within that’s seriously threatening its relevancy as a major U.S. political party. I can guarantee that there is another political party ready to take its place. Perhaps Bob Barr can better define their position for you. This is not a Democrat vs Republican fight, nor is it a Republican vs Libertarian fight, but a Republican vs Republican fight.

Who’s going to win?

I guess it’s just another instance of the prove-it mentality.

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7 thoughts on “The Birthers

  1. All but one scored a perfect “10” on the Idiotometer.

    Franks scored a 9 with a half-gainer.


    Obviously these Reps come from districts with collective IQs in the single digits, and apparently Brain-Rot is, in fact, contagious.
    Even TN-1 Reps aren’t quite that stupid. Phil Roe scored a 9.4…..

  2. Let’s take of of these people or any other conspiracy believer, and then place the document in their hand … I wonder how many will wonder if it is a fake and wonder about its authenticity?

    1. afran, its not that hard for Hussein Obama to just go get his long form B.C. and END all of this NONSENSE that HE is initiating.

      1. I’m sure you don’t realize what you’re admitting. Most people who are unsocialized like yourself are often so blinded by their own cultural ignorance to recognize their uncivility, even with what they say and admit. So I say, good luck with life. I do hope one day you get better.

    1. He has. Just go back in your hole. Even the useless WorldNet Daily has proved it. Nothing is going to satisfy you. It’s the pigmentation of his skin that you have a problem with. Oops, the hood came off now. 😀

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