Is The Grand Ole Party Over? (Opening Statement)

Before I begin this next series of post I wanted to make a statement to the people who follow this blog who are Republicans. The next set of posts are political and critical. I absolutely do not want any of you to feel that what I have to say is directed towards you personally. I actually respect many of you and your commitment to the Republican Party. It’s not every Republican, but it is enough of them who are severely ruining the Party.

I know I’m just a Democrat and some may fail to listen to what I’m saying because of that, but my issue isn’t necessarily with the Republican Party, but with what it has become and/or becoming. I actually understand and can co-sign the reasons many of you may have joined the Republican Party. Often the reasons are similar for Democrats. The things that I will address are some of the issues that I wish someone would do something about who is a Republican and cares about the issues that I discuss so often on here.

Now to my Democrats reading this, don’t fear, I’m not switching parties. I’m only trying to do what I’ve been urging everyone to do so far; consider others. I’ve taken another look at that in terms of many areas, now I’m addressing  it politically.

I’m happy to be a Democrat, but don’t get too comfortable, because after I get finish with the Republicans guess who’s next. I ‘m not going to beat up on the Republican Party solely, because what is killing them can be found within our ranks too, although not as bad anymore.

So the next few posts are directed towards Republicans, but not as a harsh criticism, but a plea for someone to do something about a serious problem. I honestly open-minded enough to give my advice without political bias, but it’s going to take a real Republican to begin to do something about it.

I believe you love this country as much as Democrats to. The conversation has become ridiculous and the mistrust almost unbareable. It’s going to take a community effort to get things back on track, that includes Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Green Party included. I just want you to understand where I’m coming from when you read part 1.



5 thoughts on “Is The Grand Ole Party Over? (Opening Statement)

  1. Thanks Tim … now most of us won’t be able to sleep tonight due to the high anticipation and expectation we have on your upcoming post. 🙂

  2. Tim.
    These will be rambling thoughts
    History shows us that parties bounce back, Many thought after watergate that the Republicans were done after the 76 Election, 4 years later Ronald Reagan won a landslide election and that started a 28 year cycle that seemed to be the end of the Democratic Party, Now in 2008 We the republicans are scorned and the democratic party wins a huge election capturing the White House, Both The House and Senate and many State Houses, But The democratic Party must not get cocky as the Republicans did from the mid 80s to the 2000’s . They could find themselves out if a Republicans (That is a big if) can rally a wide spread support.
    The reason I say it is a Big If is because in a recent poll I saw on Chris Mathews said that 30 States consider themselves Stongly Democratic and only 4 states consider themselves Strongly Republican, That is not good for the Republicans, also the younger generation, (1st time voting age to 30 has a very different outlook at life and our responsibility to help each other out. This could be called the “Not Me Me Generation” If people who are progressive (Oh Heck lets use that dirty word, “LIBERAL”) stay the course progress can be made in all areas of our lives from Economic to social justice, The one area I think will improve alot in the next 20 years is Race Relations, I really think that it will become a non issue in much of the country (The exception is some of the deep south area where it will take alot longer if ever)

  3. Oh I agree, we need to see real action out of this Congress and president
    Not have them hold their finger up in the air to see how the wind is blowing.
    I argue with people all the time that our elected officials are there to do what is good for the country “Longterm” even if it not popular at the time. That is leadership.
    If we just did what 50% +1 wanted to do we might have had slavery still now or for decades longer than it ended., woman would not have the right to vote, There would not have been civil rights laws passed and Children would still be working in our factories for 10 Cents an hour.

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