Is The Grand Ole Party Over? (Part 3)

Southern Democrats Turn Republican

What was the Southern Democrats now are the Southern Republicans. The Democrats of old were the staunched defenders of the Jim Crow south and viewed Republicans, especially those from the north as outside agitators. That all began to slowly change during the 1950’s and 60’s and by the time of the ‘Reagan Revolution’ it has completely changed too much of what we see in the modern Republican Party today.

Now I’m not criticizing anyone who chooses to be a Republican. I’ve found areas of agreement with the Republicans on various issues, but it is very difficult and practically foolish for anyone to deny the use of racial politics that has occurred as standard practice since 1964 within the Republican Party.

As the party was realigning its practices, the cultural demographics were realigning too. And that’s the major issue that the GOP will continue to have if they do not do something about it.

You may wish to point the finger at the Democratic Party and I will get to them, but today we are looking at the Grand Ole Party. The issue of race and politics is only getting worse in its relationship with the Republican Party of today. You can not deny that. How many Republicans who are not White Men are in Congress now? You may have elected a Black Chairman and I’ve gone on this blog to congratulate him. I’ve defended him from Republicans more often than from Democrats. I as a Black Democrat defended Colin Powell, a Black Republican and from Republican attacks. Republicans I’ve personally have had conversations with attacking another Republican for upholding what essentially was the Republican tradition. These were not Democrats, but White Republicans. You have a serious and growing problem.

I can continue with a growing list of examples dating back to Nixon, but the point is that the Republican Party has been quietly and cleverly taken over with the exclusionist ideology that plagued the Democratic Party for decades.

Why continue making the same mistakes? Why continue to further alienate a growing constituency of voters who are not White Males. This doesn’t mean exclude White Males; it means be inclusive to everyone. And that’s the problem that is recycled and played upon by FOX News and what is now Right-Wing Talk Radio. Have you ever considered why it typically only attracts a certain group of people? The GOP can not be this oblivious to the ‘Browning of America’.

This is destroying you. I can not express that any clearer. You have to repudiate the Republicans who continue the Goldwater/Nixon/Lott/Reagan/Bush/Cheney policy of division and racial politics. I’m not suggesting their intentions were hatched from some evil plot. I’m saying that you’re being taken over by a growing fringe hell bent on returning yesterday instead of acknowledging the today and working together for a better tomorrow.

The ‘Palling around with terrorist’, ‘water boarding’, ‘drill baby drill’, ‘everyone is a socialist’, ‘family values’, ‘party of no’, ‘C-Street’, ‘Tea-Party’, ‘Anti-Immigrate’, ‘Birthers’ non-sense is not the way to build an enduring base.

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?” – Abraham Lincoln


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