The Grand Ole Party Is Over

Before you read and answer the following questions posed to you I ask of you to click on this link, then listen, watch and observe the video and images you see. When you’re finished I ask that you come back and read the questions and statements below.

Thank you. I’ll wait for you to return.

Now I ask you to be honest and answer a simple question. What the common thread you see in all of these demonstrations of hate?

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Although some may not want to admit it, because saying it is admission to a larger issue, but that doesn’t make it untrue? So for anyone who may still be lost, allow me to offer another observation.

Not only the commonalities of these individuals are similar, but their affiliations are similar. Can you tell me what they are?

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Now for all who still refuse to omit what is obvious out of fear I will say it for you. White & Republican.

There’s nothing wrong with being White and Republican. Some of my friends are White and/or Republican. None of that accounts for the fact that all of the discussion and fake outrage is rooted to race, politics and vast evidence of a fearful, unsocialized and a socially and culturally naïve group of people who when confronted are quick to say they are not racist or prejudice, but when their actions are observed it tells a much different story. It doesn’t matter what you say to me, because your actions are clear.

I’ve repeated this on many occasions that racism is not exclusive to a single group. But we are witnessing the unveiling of racism once protected and bonded by the banner of patriotism seeping its way out of the cracks of a single group and has found favor in the welcoming embrace of the Republican Party; a party that was once the staunch defender in opposition of what it finds itself defending today.

Hate me, disagree with me, dismiss me, disregard me, curse me, get upset with me and seek to divert or project the problem onto something else if you like, but I am not the one attacking the GOP, THEY ARE.

I may be your political opponent, but I recognize an old adversary when I see him. I’m pleading with the few Conservatives/Republicans that value the foundation of the party. Do something about this problem Conservatives? Do something about this problem Republicans? These people are stealing your reputation, killing any realistic chance of diversity and destroying the Republican Party. I know you may be suspicious of me, but for once, I’m not attacking you, but trying to help you.

It’s not the Black guy you should be afraid of.


3 thoughts on “The Grand Ole Party Is Over

  1. Wow ,,,, sad images … and to think that we’re not hearing anyone condoning them from the inside. Ooops … I know … They do – the media just isn’t reporting. Sad … very sad.

  2. Or….Tim, perhaps they aren’t stealing the GOP’s reputation. Perhaps they are now being honest about who they really are. And why not? They have enough support to finally say what they really think. What worries me is that more white (Republicans aren’t denouncing them. Their silence is actually a method of support.

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