The Armed Robbery of Reason

To those certain Americas who have found themselves caught in the demagoguery, uncivilized and clinically insane network of elementary actions supported by the Republican Party, FOX News and the Healthcare Insurance Industry I have a question that even you can understand.

How are your actions any different than those of all for whom you use as illustration as evil? Hitler, Stalin, Hamaas. Are you serious?

Do you understand the definition of incitement? More importantly the usually consequences of incitement has on irrational, scared and uninformed people. I believe there’s a family of an assassinated Civil Rights leader from Atlanta to define it for you. I can ask the family of a former President from the 1960’s to explain that to you. Not all can recall this from personal experiences, but go do a search on the immediate consequences after an assassination and multiple that by 5 to get a taste of the outrage that will come to those who are helping form the profile of the modern day Republican. The image is not pretty, nor is it fair, but it is exactly what those who are stoking the scared and naïve to do.

Support your political party, but don’t believe that they are infallible. Do you realize what you’re doing and what has happen to you? I would debate you, but what use it would be because none of you would listen because you’re so preoccupied with being scared of the Big Black Boogie Man that you don’t realize what you’re being used to do.

Oh yeah, it’s not about race…

It starts with hate speech.

What’s next, killing people for whom they disagree with?

The ones with common sense I ask you to follow me for a few more minutes with this analysis of what’s going on with many of these people we’re finding at the coincidentally all Democratic represented Town Hall meetings.

When you listen to the words many of these people are saying you can easily link them up to the words of the racially intolerant, politically intolerant and even some who hold some fairly morally intolerant opinions. The more these individuals continue to be rattled with a specter of fear of what they don’t understand and the repeated spoon feeding of unchecked lies the more they will be incited to riot. The more anxiety they continue to experience by way of the right-wing fear propagandist the more intolerance and authoritarian they will become and the more acts of desperation by members of a declining ideology we will continue to see.

I liked the one sentence analysis one older gentleman offered to me recently when the topic of Republicans came up. This guy told me that he use to be a Republican. He said that “The unsocialized are often uncivilized.” After really thinking about it I have to conclude with how true of a statement that’s turning out to be.

References & Inspirations
Washington Post – 08/07/09 “Republicans Propagating Falsehoods in Attacks on Healthcare Reform
I know some may not understand the underlined message that’s being spoken in this clip, but it’s a great example of what’s going on to the Republican Party. You’re being held up at gunpoint by unsuspecting thugs. The policeman represents the one who is being used and lead to accept a lie based on unspoken biases. The truth is Huey Freeman stating the obvious. Look, listen and think before you react to what you don’t understand.

6 thoughts on “The Armed Robbery of Reason

  1. Of course getting past the “Big Black Boogie Man” line was tough for me as I was losing it … but I know you’re intent was not to be funny.

    The last comment is good. Isn’t it interesting how such pearls of wisdom calmly flow from the experienced?

    By the way, supposedly on Rush’s site is a pic of crowds of Nazi, of which he equates to health care reformers. Again, I say supposedly as I don’t want to have an excuse to visit the site.

    Thanks Tim.

  2. “The unsocialized are often uncivilized.” That is a profound statement that rings true for the human condition. Add that into a mix of people who are used to thinking power and privilege is their birthright and you have a dangerous mix. This is when I think humans are a sorry sight and am OK about a plan to nuke us all….because we never learn. But then I remember. Some of us have learned. I wish there was a way for the crazies to only harm themselves. Every piece of ugliness that is dished out goes no further than the hate filled person him/herself. I bet they would soon find a more humane way to express themselves.

    1. I think that it is true, but if I can do a Michael Eric Dyson for a minute. The uncivilized are that way, because they refuse to socialize with anyone or anything that appears to show how uncivilized they are by example of their civility.


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