Man with Gun at Obama Rally

Now I know that there will be someone to say, “It’s His 2nd Amendment Right” and I would agree with you, but this is a classic example of racial bias. Let this be a Black Man, Latino Man or Arab or Middle Eastern Muslim at a.. let’s say Sarah Palin Rally. What do you think would happen?

I want to know your honest answer to that.

*Stay Tuned for my next post, because it’s going to be the one a doosy.*


6 thoughts on “Man with Gun at Obama Rally

  1. Nothing good can come from this story. Reporting it only makes Pres. Obama look like a victim. He’s no victim. The Secret Service were all over this guy and I don’t think he ever had a chance of getting into the rally armed talking about the “Tree of Liberty.” He just earned his way onto “Obama’s List.” While I’m here, Obama is selling “Snake Oil” on this “Insurance Reform” issue. He’s making Seniors with healthcare fear losing it and putting them up against those not qualified for Medicare who have nothing. These are two different issues. Congress will pass no law bankrupting insurance. What is Obama going to do to grant access to healthcare before the next tragedy like Anthrax, Katrina, 9-11 or the Flu? Give people access to care and then fight the war on insurance reform. This is the status quo and greed will not just quit because we say “Yes, We Can.” Grant access to care through a VA Exception. Now I’m on the list?

    1. Snake Oil? 🙂 OK, if that’s what you want to believe. I guess the economy would have improved under the GOP plan too. 🙂


      Anyway, thanks for reading, perhaps something on here may interest you. Please visit again.

  2. If you keep making everything about race you are going to turn Obama into a one term president for sure. Remember, white people’s votes were required to elect him.

    The idiot reporter (on the left in the video here) said the other day that the word ‘socialism’ is code for the “N” word.

    Keep painting everyone as racist and he will lose white votes.

    If a black man showed up with a holstered pistol at a Palin Rally, she would have probably praised him or high-five him. Then the Secret Service would have ensured her safety just like they did for Obama.

    Please, please, please, give this race thing a rest already. There are some good black men I would be willing to support as president someday. We do not need this well poisoned for the next 50 years.

    1. Well thank you Jim for your analysis. Obviously, you are new to this blog, so I won’t be too hard on you and overlook your comment. If you just take a moment to read the blog you’ll see the bigger point. You fall into the trap that many have who think race has nothing to do with anything, because they’re too uncomfortable to speak openly about issues of race. If you think that race doesn’t have something to do in all of this then you have more to consider. I invite you to take a moment and read many of the things I have written about race on this blog and perhaps it may help you to reconsider your analysis.


      PS: I know that the Secret Service is on their job. 🙂

  3. “He’s making Seniors with healthcare fear losing it”


    You and your kind are making them fear losing it because you keep lying through your teeth and telling them that they’ll lose it.
    It’s a lie, a filthy attempt to prevent the American people from having a choice concerning their own health care.

    The LIE is HERE, the FACTS are HERE.

    …same old story, same old song and dance.

  4. “If you keep making everything about race you are going to turn Obama into a one term president for sure.”


    I’m a card carrying member of The League of the South and Irish by volume. As white as the driven snow and being descended from reformation “criminals”, I have no “white guilt”.
    I’ll be fighting for Obama all the way unless Dennis Kucinich comes up.
    He’s doing the right thins for this country and our people. That’s what matters to real Americans.

    Don’t try to turn it around. “You” (which I assume means “black guy”) is not making this about race. Those losers carrying signs depicting Obama as a monkey are. The Senator “Macaca” Alan crowd if you will. Ignorant vermin, every one of them.

    There are cases where the word “racism” is wrongly applied and Tim would be the first to agree. This is not one of them.
    If I can see that with iron clad Caucasian credentials, it’s racist. It’s all about attacking Obama just for the sake of attacking Obama. None of these clowns have a legitimate gripe. They’re bought and paid for Dick Armey drones.
    They carry racist mantra because they’re told to or just because they’re cowards afraid of being indoctrinated into Hip Hop or some lame excuse like that.

    Racism, in this case, is a staple of the Republican platform. “Whites” put Obama in the White House and we’ll keep him there because we’re the majority and we want it this way.

    These “Birther” types are a lunatic fringe. Just like the PUMAs, there are about a thousand of them in the whole country. Insignificant and soon to be even more frustrated.
    There WILL be national health care. Deal with it.

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