Warning to my regular readers!


This is just a bit of a warning or a heads-up to those who follow this blog on a regular basis. My next few post will be a bit shocking to those who are not familiar with me and/or fail to understand the underlined message. I’m sure I will get accused of some outrageous things and receive the typical name calling. I ask you (those who typically follow this blog) to watch what they have to say.

I admit that the next few are harsh, but I’m trying to make a point to people who seem to not understand anything but harsh language. So I ask you to be patient and understand the tone is to make a point, not to upset or offend. Once you see the titles you’ll know what I’m talking about.


*Also, I haven’t forgotten about the DNC post, I promise that’s coming. This has just kind of taken over temporarily. I will actually touch on a few related topics with them too.*


2 thoughts on “Warning to my regular readers!

  1. Hi Tim,

    Enjoyed reading Part 1, and will return soon to read Part 2 too. Have always appreciated your unwavering honesty when sharing your thoughts. Have a great day sir.

    1. Thanks Al.

      I know that it’s not all, but this is the type of nonsense that simply gets under my skin. I prefer not to be so harsh as what you will see, because some may feel that I’m directed it at them personally or who they’re affiliated with. This issues has left the realm of politics. Politics is just it’s proxy.

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