Fear of a Black President (Part 2)


Listen, it’s not just some White people who are too ashamed to admit their fear of a Black President, because there are some Black people who are afraid too. Don’t be fooled by the color of their skin, but observe their character. The fear some have that’s essentially an admission of guilt. Some believe what is described as White Guilt is only tied to slavery, but it’s more than that.

I ask those who know history to excuse my remixing of a Carter G. Woodson, W.E.B. DuBois and Martin King concept with this interpretation, but some of what can be found in this political proxy is some evidence of White Guilt too. White Guilt runs just as deep and is as prevalent in the White community when it pertains to the issue of race and equality than is the effects of the persistent psychological persuasion segregation has had on Blacks and Hispanics in America. It’s not just White Guilt, but guilt in general by many people.

The problem with us all is that many of us don’t know who we are? Once you learn and accept who you really are, gain a more full comprehension of your heritage, the good and the bad then the fear of “My America” and the miseducation and delusion promoted by some becomes clear. If you don’t know who you are, then it becomes easier for someone to tell you what you are and what you should believe. The Fear of a Black President has been rooted within us, but we do not have to be restricted to it.

The preoccupied mind of those who are fearful of a Black President is more dangerous than the mind of those who believed there would never be a Black President. They have basically internalized the thought, the idea and the suggestion of the lie. So you hear the disingenuous protest presented under the flag of patriotism from individuals who don’t know who they are, just what someone told them.

You’ve been told to be afraid of a Black President, but you’re just as poor or just as disadvantaged, just as victimized, just as vulnerable as the community for which he comes from. You’ve been taught to believe that you’re better than equal to. You’ve been told the lie that this country was built by White men (i.e. Pat Buchanan v Rachel Maddow), therefore this land is solely or inherently yours.

The cries of those who proclaim their fear of a Black President is ruining My Country, My America or even a socialist society is illustration of the length of this lie. Just recently Pat Buchanan renders the essentials of this argument during an interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. But Pat Buchanan and those who has subscribed to this lie and reduced themselves to the politics of fear is a truthful respond to the overwhelming preponderance of evidence that states the opposite with fact. Washington D.C. wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for slave labor. How would many get around if it was for the railroads built by Chinese labor? Who taught the criminals who lied and stole the land about agriculture?

This President is not the problem; he’s trying to fix it. He’s a bit too nice and should ‘call a spade a spade’. I think some of you understand the racial meaning of that term. But it’s not directed at any one race. Perhaps the White House should just hire someone who doesn’t mind the death threats, the ridiculous name calling and the ignorant propaganda and opportunistic behavior of what has resulted into our current political climate.

I’ve said so poorly, what I’ve seen so clearly.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

We hear these people talking about their Christians, but their scared. Fear & God doesn’t occupy the same space. Why in Hell are you holding up a Bible and invoking the name of God in a meeting about Healthcare? You’re not listening to anything the President is saying, because you’re too wrapped up at seeing the color of his skin. This is not just White folks, but Black, Latino, Asian Americans too. The content of the person’s character is what tells you if they see the color of your skin. The fear that’s being peddled and told to the elderly, who lived through the publicly accepted era of discrimination called Jim Crow in this country, is an example of how low some will go.

What is the common factor you see in the vast majority of the protesters, the birthers, the demagogues on FOX News and Right-Wing Talk Radio? You’re so busy teaching and telling people to be scared without realizing the beauty of what President Obama and Democrats, Independence and a handful of sensible Republicans are trying to accomplish.

And you’re acting like a bunch of… I’m saving this for tomorrow, but under a much different title.


5 thoughts on “Fear of a Black President (Part 2)

  1. I wonder if we would have the same reaction if someone like J.C. Watts (R)
    Or Alan Keyes, Oh scratch that I would be in fear if he was elected President.
    Just think of this ticket in 2012. Palin/Keyes!

    1. I believe that a President Watts or a President Powell or even a President Mel Martinez would face similar opposition that President Obama is now facing. It is not necessarily politics. Politics is the proxy used to make what essentially is hate, bias and lack of socialization publicly acceptable. The sad, but an honest reality of it all is that the Republican Party would not allow a J.C. Watts, Mel Martinez or a Colin Powell or even a Condolezza Rice, Bobby Jindah or a Mitt Romney ever to become the party nominee. It’s not about policy with most of them, but pigmentation. Many will stand in disagreement, but I would ask how close has any of these individuals ever gotten to the nomination. Mitt Romney would have been a stronger candidate than John McCain, but how long did he last?

      The Fear of a Black President would be the same if the President is a Republican or Democrat, Black or Hispanic, Christian or LDS and especially a woman. In today’s political environment, these individuals have a greater opportunity to become the nominee as a Democrat than as a Republican. Until the GOP change their present strategy, that fact will remain true.

  2. “Palin/Keyes! ”


    Yuck……Please, God, we may be sinners but we haven’t done anything bad enough to deserve that. That would make Bush/Cheney look like Simon/Garfunkel.

    As for Glenn Beck, I thank God every single day that I am a person with real faith who simply has no idea what it feels like to know that kind of fear.
    Irrational, factless, fear of the unknown.
    The man is simply a coward to the core.

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