It’s Not Always About Race


I’ve recently have someone tell me the typical excuse that’s usually an indicator of someone not comfortable speaking about issues of race. I say that because they offered no real example or proof that the protests found suspiciously only at town hall meetings held by Democrats isn’t about race, but politics.

What does Rosa Parks have to do with it?

So if it isn’t about race, then what reason does anyone have to bring or tear a poster of Rosa Parks for at a town hall meeting?

In the video below a lady and a few other women had brought posters to the town hall held by Sen. Claire McCaskill, but they rolled them up after being booed and berated by the crowd. When the woman unrolled one to show to a journalist, an angry man in the crowd rushed over and tore it up. What image could anger the man so much? A poster of Rosa Parks. Now when the woman moved to take her poster back, the police stepped in and escorted both parties from the building. But only the woman made national news, not the man who ripped her poster. But race has nothing to do with it.

Not Enough Rope or Trees

A local right-wing blogger called “Send A Rope” is following around Perriello, taping him and accusing him of being a “traitor” for voting for clean energy reform. The blogger, who encourages readers to send pieces of rope to Congress and the White House, declares on his website, “I don’t think that there are enough trees or rope in Washington DC to handle all the traitors you would find there.” In a YouTube video, the blogger ominously warns, “I hope it doesn’t come to us having to do what we all think is coming with these guns, but you better be ready if it is.”

Are You Ready… Get Out and Shoot

What in the Hell do you think this fool is talking about?

It’s My 2nd Amendment Right

Headline: “Man Arrested Before Obama Event Had Loaded Gun. I add that he also had a pocket knife. But I’m not talking about the man that was interviewed by Chris Matthews, but someone else. Why weren’t both men arrested? They can carry a gun to a rally where the President of the United States is right? It’s not about race.

So you say it isn’t about race. If it was just about politics, then I could carry a gun to a Sarah Palin Rally. I shouldn’t stand-out too much in that crowd right? Black man with a gun at a Sarah Palin Rally. It’s my 2nd Amendment.  Perhaps I could have sat in on a lectureship where Dick Cheney or Karl Rove was speaking. That wouldn’t be suspicious, a Black man with a gun walking freely within that crowd. It’s my 2nd Amendment. Perhaps me and my Arab friend could go and watch a high school basketball game where George Bush was in attendance. That wouldn’t be deemed as suspicious, would it? A Black man with a gun at a basketball game, Hell we love us some basketball. I should fit right into that crowd, right? It’s my 2nd Amendment right.

You know I suggest that we have a campaign that encourages young Black, Latino, Asian, Native and Arab American men to join the N.R.A. Let’s attend these gun shows. That’s how you stop the debate, because when they see an influx of these groups at their events the discussion will change and the truth will have a chance to lead the conversation.

Hey, it’s my 2nd Amendment right.

Republican Senator to Sarah Palin: Don’t tell lies about Healthcare Reform Bill

Finally, there’s at least one Republican Senator honest and/or courageous enough to speak-up for truth. Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) told a crowd who were critics of healthcare reform and/or willing believers of the lies that “it does us no good to incite fear in people by saying that there’s these end-of-life provisions, these death panels.” A reference to a remark by Former half-term Gov. Sarah Palin. She continued by saying that, “Quite honestly, I’m so offended at that terminology because it absolutely isn’t (in the bill). There is no reason to gin up fear in the American public by saying things that are not included in the bill.

What is Sarah Palin so afraid of? Better yet, why is she afraid of this President and not the previous one who sent her son off to war? I think someone can answer that question if their honest. Perhaps she can speak to her fellow Republican Senate colleague Chuck Grassley with his ridiculous fear mongering comments.

It’s Never About Race

Let’s not even begin with the ridiculous statements by those who believe the President isn’t even an American citizen. Let’s not continue with the 31 Republican Senators who still opposed Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Oh it’s not about race is it?

Let’s not even start with the repeated incidents since February 15, 2007 that somehow pops up and leads to an apology that always has a racial tinge to it. It’s not about race is it?

I guess it wasn’t about race when a SC Republican operative, Mike Green said, “JUST HEARD OBAMA IS GOING TO IMPOSE A 40% TAX ON ASPIRIN BECAUSE IT’S WHITE AND IT WORKS.”  Why apologize and why delete it if it’s not about race?

If it’s not about race, what the Hell is it about then? It’s not about politics. Colin Powell is accused of being a racist by Rush Limbaugh and much of the right because he supported Obama, but race has nothing to do with it. Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele attacked by David Duke, a Republican in addition to other things, but it’s not about race. Howard Kurtz suggests that Sen. Mel Martinez supports Sonia Sotomayor only because of race. Um, duh it’s not about race is it?

Even a man standing outside of John Dingle a WHITE Congressman’s office with what is suppose to be him hanging from a noose. Listen to me, but I guess race has nothing to do with it either since the congressman was White? Wrong. Whites were killed along side Blacks during the public acceptance of Jim Crow in America, don’t be fooled by the color of ones skin. Just ask the family of Rev. James Reeb or Violoa Liuzzo if you need a quick reference.

But hold up, I guess the Swastika painted outside of Rep. David Scott (D-GA) who happens to be Black has nothing to do with race either. Additional Source: NPR Tell Me More

And I conclude with the question. What is the common factor with all of these people?

And it isn’t always about race. ______ Please!

*But allow me to fill in the blanks with my next post*

10 thoughts on “It’s Not Always About Race

  1. I must admit that I didn’t watch the videos you supplied from Glenn Beck or the rope guy because I simply don’t want to give them any credibility. It is interesting how the health care issue has a strong element of race. Last night I heard a comment made by talking show host Ed Schultz. Although he’s not a conservative, his comments caused me to step back and wince.

    I will continue to try to be color blind and try to beware of when I’m not following that ideal.

    1. It’s not always about race, but more often there is an element of race that enters during a conversation. If we compared the healthcare fight of 1993 and today we will see some similarities, but the accusations that has no relevance in the discussion of healthcare is a key indicator that it’s not about the president’s policy or position, but his pigmentation. Most of the protesters are being used as proxies and they don’t realize it and none will admit to it, because admitting to racism is socially unacceptable. Everyone wants to be socially accepted.

      You can trust that I’m not finished with this subject. I have a few more days already prepared. So it’s about to get rough before I’m done.

      I know that it’s not you, but watching this I am concerned about what may happen if someone makes an attempt on anyone in the Obama family. There are some crazy people on the left too that only need a reason to do something and I can tell they are silently watching and waiting.

  2. Cowards like Feigle (or whatever his name is) are a dime a dozen. A nobody trying desperately to be a somebody.
    If it’s violence he wants we can oblige.

    As a matter of fact, and since I just got done insulting his mother (severely) at his site, I’ll go on record as challenging Feigle to a cage fight.
    That’s right, captainkona vs Rope Boy in Abingdon, VA at the next “Ruckus”.
    I know the promoters and can get the fight in a phone call.

    I say he’s a coward and will never accept the challenge.
    But I hope to God he does.

    BTW, here’s his home address.

    Kurt Feigel (

    *Sorry, Admin Edit*

    1. As much as I would like to, I can risk posting his home address. I don’t know if he has kids or not and wouldn’t want something to happen to them, regardless of how much he may deserve it the beating himself.

      I’m sure there are some people who would want to kill me, especially after the next few posts coming up and wouldn’t want my family to be endanger of someone who may want to come after me. It’s easy to simply want to beat some of these idiots down such as Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or Karl Rove to name a few, but that will only be a temporary victor. The best way that I’m learning to defeat much of this is by disproving them and making them appear as the hate driven people they are. They can be reformed, but they first have to realize that they have a problem.

      But I did leave his email address 🙂

  3. Hi Tim,

    What an explosive and emotionally charged issue healthcare has become over the last few weeks. How unfortunate such a key issue has been doomed due to the antics of folks who won’t take the time to listen and simply come to a consensus.

    Hope all is well. Wishing you and yours a safe/blessed weekend.

    1. It’s amazing to me. I actually do not like getting as ‘saucy’ with my words as I have, but it almost calls for it just to get everyone’s attention of the problem and back to a civilized debate. From what I’m noticing is a silent preparation of an explosive reaction on the left that is unrealized and will be completely unexpected by many. The sad thing is that I almost can’t blame them.

      What I do not want to see is a national riot, because far too many innocent people will be killed and injured. It can be prevented, with cool minds. It’s just getting the purveyors of violence, hate and intimidation to settle down. The ugly specter of hate is raising his head at any opportunity it gets. It sees this debate on healthcare as one of those opportunities.

      Tense, tense, tense. The next few post are harsh, but hopefully the point comes across. I’ve found aspects of disagreement on the proposal, but none of the lies that’s being spread are in there. Well this is a good reason why I was well advised not to get into politics. I’m a little too honest and too willing to be fair. Bad political mix.

      Be safe this weekend Al. Talk to you soon.

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