The Dilemma and The Challenge

The dilemma and the challenge facing the us today is the emergence of hate, deceit, greed and selfishness. I understand the words of Frederick Douglass, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress. Power concedes nothing without demand.” Hate, deceit, greed and selfishness is what has fueled much of the debate we hear in public today. The shouting down of reason, the practice of intimidation to silence peace and the aversion or should I say diversion of seeking truth is the dilemma, not the tests of our reality.

The charge of our dilemma is to challenge each other to act as if we have some sense. As difficult it may be we got to be the one that demonstrate how it should be if it’s ever going to be. What many who has decided to protest against initiative presented by President Obama is that they misunderstand what is civil disobedience. Civil Disobedience is rooted in civility. Civility is rooted in courtesy and respect. This is why I say the protest is disingenuous because it lacks civility and reveals the true motivation behind all of this. The purveyors of hate, mongerers of fear and deceptive disciples of division and discord only seek to steal the conversation of change and persuade you to accept more of the same. The destruction of any possibility of reason has almost been killed by these individuals. Beware of who you’re following.

The signs of all you proclaim to despise can be found within your ranks.

I am just as tempted as many of you to simply throw a steal folding chair at the head of a Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin or a Rush Limbaugh, but I know that isn’t the way to achieve anything. The temporary satisfaction to use violence as means to justify the frustrating and deliberate dilemma they seek to propagate is equally destructive as the cause. I understand the desire to protest and fights for the way of life you are accustom, but what way of life are you fighting for? This land is my land as well as it is your land. My ancestors may have come by way of Jonestown and yours Ellis Island, but to say it’s ‘My American’ instead of ‘Our America’ suggests something you are not saying or afraid to admit?

When you don’t realize that you are being used in the name of patriotism and politics, you become their proxy to promote the policies and practices that has systematically and continues to exclude people. I hope that those who find the actions of the Republican Party has taken and promoted along with the Heritage Foundation, FOX News and other fringe and disingenuous conservatives organizations not as a threat, but as an example of the extent that envy, hatred and malice will go when unchecked with truth. More importantly I hope you understand that your non-cooperation with evil is as much as a moral obligation as your cooperation with good.

Although I’ve chosen to express my analysis, observation and opinions on this matter over the past several days with a more militant tone, I ask that you not be deceived by the tone as an admission of a lack of concern of the seriousness of this issue. I’m very concern about the issues that we face, although I hold no political power to change them other than my vote, reason and voice. The enduring power of love, tolerance and consideration will always overcome those who choose to dwell in the impotence of hate, envy and unforgiving bitterness towards others.

I too find it very difficult to love or even show consideration towards a political party that I see systematically aborting logic and reason from its ranks for fanaticism and erratic behavior of what has become the extreme right or the modern Republican Party. It’s sad, because I know it doesn’t have to be that way. There are Republicans will common sense and who clearly understand the founding principles of the Republican Party, but they are being eliminated or forced out. I’m not a Republican, but to see what it has become even leads me to want to help. The dilemma is hate, the challenge is love. How can one love someone and/or something that hates them for little and trivial reasons?


One thought on “The Dilemma and The Challenge

  1. “Civil Disobedience is rooted in civility. Civility is rooted in courtesy and respect.”

    Wow … well said. Now we both know that some of the recent town hall meetings have been civil; unfortunately, that’s not good television. I watched with amazement as some of the meetings as they were taking place. There’s simply too much disrespect for me to give them credence.

    I was more amazed how much elected Republicans allowed both the behaviors and misconceptions to go unchallenged.

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