Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself: Proxy for Hate

Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself:
Proxy for Hate

For those who continue to deny reality to choose to wonder in oblivion regarding the real threat of death and violence that often occurs when the fringes of our society are sparked with the explosiveness of race and politics fueled by lies, hate and fear. The Fear of a Black President began before Barack Obama ever became President.

For those who say it’s not about race and the delusional Peggy Noomans among us that believe we’re living in a Post-Racial society then I now invite you to join the rest of us who live outside of your gated community.

Since Saturday, February 15, 2007 to Tuesday, November 4, 2008 Barack Obama, today President Obama has been a psychological anomaly for many people. The mantra “Yes We Can” was more than a catchy political slogan, but an affirmation to many people. It was confirmation to those who are timid on the sensitive and/or taboo social issues that has plagued the consciences of our society for far too long by its subtle encouragement to those they’ve been allowed to intimidate, trample or made believe were inferior in some manner.

Yes We Can, Hope, Change are all words that frightens those who choose to hate or submit to the status quo, because it’s fueled by love; the very opposite of all they have committed to. It was a wake up call to a people who has accepted inequality an without for far too long. The calm quietness of his nature in addition to the oddness of his name and complexion of his being was not the common qualities of those who has previously ascended and appointed to the Presidency. Something was different, the unknown, the improbable and the audacity. But the audacity of hate is the hope of his opposition.

Although I supported and voted for him I’ve never thought any one person is as holy as the praise of their admirers proclaim and not as evil as the condemnation of their most devote critic projects. But the level of hate that has evolved in this country is very telling.

As I have individuals tell me that ‘it’s not always about race’ I typically smile to myself because I know that they have either failed to understand or accept what it is to be a Black in America.

Now I use the word ‘Black’ as a variable that can represents multiple groups, not just African-American. As CNN’s Soledad O’Brian has help present, being Black in America is being Latino in America as is being a Woman in America as being Muslim, Poor or Gay in America. Perhaps CNN, no a more appropriate network would be FOX News. Perhaps FOX News can do an expose called “The Niggerlization of an American Political Party”.

Oh Hold Up! Why such harsh language? What are you talking about?


2 thoughts on “Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself: Proxy for Hate

  1. “because it’s fueled by love; the very opposite of all they have committed to.”

    There it is there.

    Barack Obama’s Presidency was fueled by millions of people, of all kinds of races, who just want to treat each other as equals.
    Just like Jesus instructed we must do.
    This is a simple case of those who “love their neighbor” vs those who don’t.
    And we won. And it pisses them off.

    Marvelous. I love watching them suffer in frustration.

    They have threatened the President, planned his demise and are doing so as we write. What they can’t understand is this. Barack Obama is not the center of the mass.
    If Obama (God forbid) was assassinated tomorrow, the movement of equality and peace that brought him to power will continue.
    They will never have the “them and us” world of their twisted desires.
    America will be a place of all kinds of people getting all kinds of things done. As was intended.

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