Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself: The Ultimate Conclusion of Hate

Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself:

One can only go back days to discover an illustration of hate towards President Obama. The sad commentary that it’s just days and not weeks or moths or years. Although we can gather weeks, months and years of accounts where you have seen public demonstrations where politics, patriotism and/or policy is the proxy for what ultimately is hate. I know someone stands to counter my point so allow me to present examples.

One of the most creative and craftiest proxies of hate has been that female pit-bull, Sarah Palin. We saw the nastiness turn up after Sarah Palin joined the campaign.

The unsocialized are often uncivilized.”

Before I continue, lets define a terrorist and I’ll let you make the connection. Terrorist – a person or member of a group who terrorizes or frightens others. Hmmm… I wonder how many Black people were in attendance. I guess its guilt by association.

What’s the common factor in that video?

What is the common factor in this image?

OK, so what does religion has to do with it? By the way, what’s the common factor in this image?
Um… shouldn’t there be another t and g in the word putting. Hmmm… By-the-way, What’s the common factor you see in this picture?
OK, why do you want to connect the Confederate Flag and Lynard Skynyrd with hate? I thought the flag was about heritage, or perhaps I've mistaken the heritage being reference. By-the-way, What’s the common factor do you see in this picture?
OK, this is not even called for people. But I must ask once again, What is the common factor you see in this image?

In Hagerstown, MD, a man (I’m not saying his race or party affiliation), but a 51 year old man was detained by the Secret Service at a town hall meeting. He was holding a sign that read “Death to Obama”. Now I’m sure the President is use to this by now, but what makes me mad and I’m sure the quiet rage is building from a large and I suspect darker segment of the population was the other part of the sign. It read, “Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids”.

Now this is where I start cursing.

WHAT IN THE HELL do they have to do with any of this! TELL ME! And it’s not about race.

Listen. I’m warning you that the blood is going to be on the hands of the Republican Party and all who have participated and sat in silence at their antics if something happens to anyone in the Obama family. Don’t believe me if you wish, but you can’t tell me racism is not the problem. All White people are not racist. All White people are not Republican, but I’m afraid if something does happen to anyone in the Obama family that the people who will avenge their death are not going to take the time to consider others. They are going to Kill anyone who “Fits the Description” of a Republican.

So what is the typical description of a Republican?

I’ll ask the question a different way. Can you tell me what you see in common in the videos and pictures referenced above?

I don’t want to see a national riot, but when you have Dick Army, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck stoking the embers of hate, the results may not be a bigger fire, but you getting burned.

REPUBLICANS, YOU BETTER WATCH WHAT YOU’RE DOING. You may think you have protestors on your side and it’s a political game, but many of these people are upset to see someone else achieve what they thought was meant for them. The American Dream is that is obtainable by anyone. Some of her people believe that it is only a dream for only them and not me.

Republicans you are forgetting all of the people who support the President. The coalition of supporters were not just Black, but young White people, Latinos, Gay, Educated, Poor and even some moderate conservatives. You better check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

Who among us is honest enough to speak the truth?

I’m Done! I’m going to see what I can do to stop this.

2 thoughts on “Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself: The Ultimate Conclusion of Hate

  1. Even if people didn’t like George Bush in America, they did not carry signs with death threats against him and his family. As a matter of fact, if they just complained too loudly about Bush policies, they got the swift hand of consequence slapping them in the back side. I’ve had enough of these ignoramuses. Making public death threats against the President and his family without consequence has got to stop. It is time to use the legal system to teach people their responsibilities as citizens of America.

  2. Nice pictorial essay of exactly whats foul in this nation.

    Idiots, breeding more idiots.
    HR 3200 should cover vasectomies and hysterectomies for Republicans. That would be useful legislation.

    And yeah, Ronnie Van Zant would walk up and slap that Un-American in the face and rip the shirt off his back if he was here.

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