My Church Is…

mychurchisNow after you view this video I want to ask a simple question. Don’t peak. I could not get the video to embed, so please click the image or here to watch the 2 minute video.

In efforts to be inclusive I am referring to The Church as the place in your life that is your sanctuary. You may look at this in the tradition context of a religious organization or destination or you may look at this as a more personal or intimate destination in your life.

Regardless whether you believe in God or not, regardless if you’re a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu or whatever; the intent of the message is difficult to disparage. Many of the people within The Church of today may say these things, but don’t practice any of the things mentioned in this video. Now is not the time to discuss all of them, but I would like to ask a simple question of you.

My church is _________.

  • an inviting place
  • a safe place
  • a place of forgiveness
  • a merciful place
  • accepting of who I am
  • relatable to me
  • one of the most creative and inspiring place I go
  • a place where I can use my talents and help others
  • a place of healing
  • that extra support that is sometimes hard to ask for
  • loving
  • accepting
  • hope

Can you truthfully say any of these things with sustainable evidence to verify your claims about Your Church?

I’m sure some will offer the typical ‘church response’ and say that their church is all of these things and a bag of chips, but the test of it’s truth should be found within you when I visit ‘your church’, because the church is you.


4 thoughts on “My Church Is…

  1. Tim , you’ve given we church goers something to think about here. Your real question is simply – are we who we say we are? How do we react when some new attends for the first time? How do we react when to a new member? Let alone you’re big picture of what if they are different (in some way) from the rest. Therefore, do we practice what we say?

    It’s a challenge that many face every day and one that all of us need to improve.

    1. Absolutely.

      Just this past Sunday my church had for the first time on the same day 4 people from 4 different races join. I absolutely loved it, knowing how so many people attacked me years ago for who I was dating. It has taken many awhile, but it was very good to see not only a Black gentleman join, but a Hispanic man, Native American man and a White woman feel comfortable enough to want to worship at our church instead of self-segregating. I have had people who I’ve encouraged to attend tell me years ago that they didn’t feel welcome. I couldn’t argue with them, because I saw it for myself. After addressing the issue with many people within the church and being told what I could do with my thoughts, ideas & suggestions I finally could talk to them a year late. To see the church really begin to culturally diversify is wonderful, because the one thing Heaven and Hell has in common is that they are both integrated.

    1. Thanks. I’m just getting very impatient with the so many in the church are doing. If I don’t make a point to say it, then who will. If and or whenever you are near by I would love to invite you to come to church with me. I have your back, so there’s nothing to worry about. 😀

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