Let’s Join the N.R.A.

Now I know this title probably shocked and surprised a few people who know me, but I ask you to just follow me on this one before casting judgment too quickly. You may decide to join the N.R.A. (National Rifle Association) too when I’m done.

I want to begin by saying that I actually do not oppose the N.R.A., nor do I oppose the 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. This is not a slight towards any individual, organization or interest group. I’m honestly directing my own words of “Consider Others” and applying it to a question that has been posed on several occasions by gun advocates.

I recently listened to an interesting and bias conversation a few weeks ago on a local AM talk radio program about the people both for and against a new gun bill in my state. Understand that this is a program that is primarily marketed to the Black Christian community. I rarely listen to the station at the time this program comes on and only listen to a single 30 minute broadcast on occasion. So I’m not a regular listener.

What sparked my attention were the comments of one gentleman who began to rail against gun owners and stereotyping them as being, (I jotted this down, because I didn’t want to forget what he said.) “A bunch of White Redneck Racist Republicans looking to shoot a Black any chance they get”.

Now the discussion was about a gun proposal and race and politics got introduced to the conversation. So before I start talking back to the radio (like anyone can hear me) I wanted to hear how the host would respond to this guy, but he didn’t say anything. So the caller continued. I was thinking it was going to get worse, but I began to understand where he was coming from and why he introduced race and politics into the discussion.

I admit that this guy’s comments were borderline racist and unfair to stereotype gun owners as being White Racist Republicans. All Republicans are not racist, despite the increasing examples we see each day on TV. All White people are not racist as I’ve illustrated on multiple occasions on this very blog. So it is unfair to categorize all gun owners in this way, even if there’s a possibility of truth within the statement; rephrase it.

He made mention of the instances of the man who was allowed to attend an event where President Obama was in attendance. Although I was suspicious of this guy and pointed out the bias, I agree it’s his 2nd Amendment right. The caller also mentioned the guy who was arrested at another even if not the same one the previous guy was at where he was arrested by the Secret Service. Now these were two recent incidents, but I know there has been several more that I’ve mentioned. In interest of time I will not go into all of them, but get to why I think people should join the N.R.A.

So let’s explore this for a moment. Although I disagree with the tone and some of the language used I get the caller’s point. This is my solution to his frustration and a win/win for everyone. Join the N.R.A.

Now some of you are thinking that I’ve lost it. Isn’t that counterproductive?

It may appear that way, but what better way to get what you want than with a gun. Follow me for a minute.

The argument we continue to hear from Gun Owners and N.R.A. members is that it’s there 2nd Amendment right to bare firearms. That’s true, no argument there. The argument we continue to hear from people who oppose Guns and the N.R.A. for various reasons is that guns kill people and have countless of proof to back up their claims. The counter is ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’. In a way that’s true, but they do it with guns.

So who’s right? But more importantly, what’s the solution to this dilemma?

I say let’s join the N.R.A.

What better way to better way to make your point, but with a gun. Yes, this is a dangerous solution I admit, but the fairest one I see.

Why can’t I have a gun ‘legally’ and be a card carrying member of the N.R.A.? It’s not about race or politics, but the 2nd Amendment right?

So let me carry a gun ‘legally’ to a gathering of Republicans. I should be welcomed without suspicion, because as an American it’s my right to bare arms. Just because I’m Black and a Democrat shouldn’t matter.

In addition, I plan on inviting my friends who are Black, Hispanic and Muslim to come join the N.R.A. with me. This should be fun. We all have clean records, so there shouldn’t be an issue. We can attend Gun Shows and N.R.A. sponsored events too. We can even go to the church down the street, which happens to be a Southern Baptist church the Sunday after we are members. Well our Muslim friend may not be in attendance, but everyone else would. I think that’s the solution. It’s our 2nd Amendment right.

By-the-way, why hasn’t the N.R.A. been more proactive in their diversity in member recruiting efforts?

I would love to be in a N.R.A. commercial saying, “Hello, I’m Tim and I’m a member of the N.R.A.” and have it aired on FOX News or Lou Dobbs. Even better they can have a Gay couple do a commercial and air it during a NASCAR race, “Hey, I’m Bruce and I’m Steve and we joined the N.R.A.”; Primetime Baby. Then have a young Latino male do a commercial in Spanish with English subtitles below and have it aired during Glenn Beck, he’s losing sponsors now. Then have one of my Muslim female friends to do another commercial in full traditional attire and have that played as a radio ad during Rush Limbaugh’s show or Sean Hannity. It’s the N.R.A. they wouldn’t think twice about that. I’m sure they will be the first to say that it’s not about race or even political affiliation. It’s the N.R.A. for God’s sake, run it.

Perhaps then we will be able to have an honest discussion about guns in this country void of race and politics, because the playing field will finally be even or will we see a sort of a gentrification of the N.R.A.?

You have to admit, that’s a good idea. Fair and Balance.

Hey, it’s my 2nd Amendment right.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Join the N.R.A.

  1. I needed that. Funny Stuff, I love the advertising idea. Great writing.

    On a serious note, I have owned guns and carried them when I was in business. I “choose” not to have one right now.

    I believe that a person should have a chance to have guns in their home or place of business, But before a person can have a gun they would have to go through an extensive class on the laws and how to handle guns, It should be treated like a drivers license in the extent that if you get drunk you lose your license to have a gun. as many gun incidents happen when one is drunk.

    1. What’s up Larry.

      I actually have no problem with people having guns, but my point was to make people think about what they’re supporting because it can be turned around on you. Do you really want me carrying a gun to an even where Rush Limbaugh is speaking. I’m not a violent person, but I’m not too keen on much of Rush has to say about anything. Let him say the wrong thing that goes beyond me trying to reason with him and I just say forget this and cap him. Let it be someone who is sitting in a church and the preacher says something that they believe is about them. They get mad and hauls off and shoots the minister or another member who they do not like. Perhaps they’re a doctor in a Kansas church and…

      I understand the arguments for and against guns and think both have valid points. What I believe the anti-gun advocates can do is join the N.R.A. and get guns to make a point to the gun advocates who live and die on the 2nd Amendment. It will test what they believe and how comfortable they are when someone they are already uncomfortable with has a gun too. The truth will eventually come out. Perhaps they will feel what the anti-gun advocates feel.

      In general I think many are paranoid and are hiding the truth of the real reasons they want to carry a gun or have no guns. This is just my way to make both aware of each other.

  2. As usual, I agree with you Tim. I also laughed throughout this entire blog. Especially at the photo of the black man with the gun. I would love to see him and millions of others at the Republican rallies. BUT…..sadly, this slice of reality may not make people think. It may actually make the idiots start shooting. Then everyone will start shooting. *thinks* But why should one group have a monopoly on toting guns and causing fear.

    Thanks for the laugh and lets all get guns. After a trillion deaths, everyone will probably be happy to have gun control.

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