Speaking Truth to White Power

How many among us have the courage to speak truth to power?

Regardless of your race, religion or political affiliation when confronted with the issues of hate, even from your own community, will you honestly have the courage to speak truth to their perceived power?

The law makers and law enforcers of my hometown (Nashville, TN) are discovering areas where they need to focus on doing.

Personally, I have absolutely nothing against Nashville Sheriff Daron Hall. I actually believe this was a mistake. I believe he’s doing a good job properly and fairly enforcing the law with concern for the safety of the public and the persons who may or have endangered the public.

Now I make this statement, because it’s rare to hear a Black man speak highly of  law enforcement agencies. It has been my experience on various encounters over the years both where I was at fault (speeding) or just an innocent bystander that Nashville & Davidson County law enforcement and public officials have been nothing but courteous and professional. I know there has been instances where that may not be true for all who may read this who has had contact with the same law enforcement agencies and I respect your opinion and experiences. In this case I can only speak for myself. I have been racially profiled, but it has never been by Nashville Police or Davidson County Sheriffs, but the smaller agencies and more affluent communities with their own law enforcement agencies that I’ve had difficulties with. Even then I gave them respect first and they realized their mistake, but who am I to harp on Considering Others.  😀

So with that said, I will continue.

November 22, 2008 Sheriff Daron Hall was a speaker at the Middle Tennessee Chapter of the Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) at the Buffet Restaurant. This is an organization that describes blacks as being genetically inferior, opposes interracial marriages and all non-white immigration to name a few. Now that sounds like the protocol of another three lettered organization.

The Sheriff topic was the undocumented immigrant round-up of over 4000 illegal aliens. Now before any conservative citizen who chooses to shut down any measure of reasonable consideration of a constructive conversation allow me to say I commend the sheriff’s department for trying to reduce crime in Davidson County. As they clearly know, crime and in particularly illegal immigrants can be found in more areas than certain clusters of Hispanic communities. I’m sure if we checked out West Nashville, Bellvue and even a portion of Brentwood we can find some undocumented individuals who are not Hispanic or African, but look just like the White people who were at this particular meeting. So if we’re going to profile people, let’s be fair about it.

In a written statement to the Metro Council, Sheriff Hall said that he had no idea of the views of the organization. I was speaking about the department’s immigration program. Now I actually believe him, he has shown no history or racial animosity, but it raises another question, concern and need that all governments should be made aware of. On issues that involves race, religion, sexuality or culture with politics; you need someone to first brief you on the nature or ideology of the particular group. Almost like a cultural adviser. This could have been easily avoided.

Although I have my own opinions about the CCC, I don’t blame them for this incident. They’re not hiding under any sheets, because their website clearly states they are opposed to “all efforts to mix the races of mankind”. They even have merchandise for sell such as t-shirts that reads “White Pride Worldwide” in addition to links to a couple of hate organization.

What is interesting was the link to the Republican National Committee and CPAC. Why would they want to be associated with the Republican Party and not the Democratic Party? Given their admitted views, compared to what I’ve been told about how inclusive the GOP is given that they are the first political party in the U.S. to elect a Black man as chairman of the party, why would the CCC still associate with the GOP? 😀

Side Note: I ask my Republican and Conservative friends to take a quick read at the Wiki on this group, specifically the issues & activities sections. If you voted for Ron Paul or Mike Huckabee you should check this out, but more importantly ask the difficult questions of yourself in addition to them. Even if you’re a Democrat, you should check this out, especially if you voted for Dick Gephardt in 2000. Don’t be afraid to ask the question, but be willing to accept the reality of the answer.

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