Do Something Before It’s Too Late

One of the most scariest images is an ideologically confused, unsocialized person with a gun in one hand and the Bible and Constitution in the other. What is more scary are the people who enables them.

For weeks I’ve been writing about race, rage, religion and the right. Some has attributed all of this to one bloggers obsession with race and republicans. And your assumption would be wrong. Many people who are silent on these issues are so because they either sees the truth in what has been illustrated and/or they’re simply uncomfortable speaking with authority about any of these subjects.

As I’ve illustrated last week is that it’s not always about race, it’s not always republicans, but it is about race and the role republicans are playing in the rage against this President. Many choose not to accept the reality of that truth, but what other logical conclusion can you draw if it isn’t about race? Politics is just the proxy, not the problem.

I give up on the realistic relevance of the Republican Party these days. It doesn’t want anyone who will question its authority. It doesn’t want anyone who will demand discussion. It doesn’t want anyone who is progressive, moderate, Black, Latino, Muslim, Young or even female. If you’re White, Male and Southern you’re welcomed. As a southerner I know that’s not a fair assessment, but many polls are trending in that direction when it comes to the GOP. It’s trending higher to those groups. The Democratic Party is not infallible, but at least I’m welcomed.

The fringes of society, whether it is the Birthers, the Deathers, the outrageous 2nd Amendment folks and the Racists they are not ruining the GOP, they have ruined the GOP. Who’s talking about bringing guns, Hitler, Nazis and the socialists. It’s not all Republicans, but it is a Republican problem and an American issue.

I’m surprised about the silence of those Republicans who has previous criticized me on various issues. What is worse is the timid tendencies of Democrats confronting them. It’s not all Republicans, it’s not all Democrats, but when will we finally have a Conservative who will talk down the paranoia of Republicans to Republicans? When will we finally have Democrats speak critically towards the timidness of the Democrats to Democrats?

I have restrained myself from saying this for many months, but I simply give up any possibility of having a reasonable conversation with most Republicans on many of these issues. I will continue to push Democrats to speak up, but their time is coming too if they don’t start doing what needs to be done.

Comment, criticize if you please. I give up. Let the M.F. Burn. (Reference to a previous post)

If what happened in November of 1963, February of 1965 or April of 1968 happens in today I will be sad, but I would feel sorry for those who helped caused it, because the blood would be on their hands. The outrage of the right could not match the rage that would come from the left and in the unexpected corners of society. I don’t want any of this to happen and urge people to do something more than nod in agreement or disagreement, do something before something happens. Before it’s too late.


6 thoughts on “Do Something Before It’s Too Late

  1. I was amazed on what was written (through comments) on the previous post as I don’t understand such anger. Disagreement is one thing, but anger and hate are a different level and shouldn’t be considered as discord.

    On the other hand, this morning I saw that Sen McCain (at a townhall meeting) took a stand against the townhall cranks. Good for him!

    1. I’m not too surprised. I have to remember to love even when I want to hate and even in the presence of hate. I absolutely can’t stand Dick Cheney, Karl Rove & Rush Limbaugh, but if I’m still alive when it’s there time to go I may not have much good to say about them, but I will give them the respect of resting in peace knowing that my day will come to and that’s what I would want my opposition to do for me. I could tell you more about what these guys had to say, but I’ve said all that should be said to them. Now I’m leaving it up to a much better person to deal with. I just hope they realize what they are doing, before it’s too late.

      I’m glad John McCain finally spoke up. I’ve been amazed at the silence of some in both parties on this issue and the noise from others. Perhaps common sense can return now.

      I’m finally about to turn to the Democrats now, then refocus on other issues for awhile with the occasional political subject or reference.

      I appreciate you, Al and others who may not always agree initially with some of my political stances, but you know I do listen and seriously consider what you’re saying. I just wish others on all sides would simply take the time to consider others the way some of you do.

  2. I am glad to see you are going to take aim (Pun intended) at the Democrats in Congress,
    I will wait to see what you have to say before I add my (1 1/ cents) worth.
    (I am poor)

    1. Yes, I didn’t forget about my Democratic friends. Although I still support them, they need a good passionate kick to get them to do what they’re suppose to be doing. It’s not all of them, just like it isn’t all Republicans. I simply want to emphasis that now isn’t the time to get comfortable. But I’ll hold up that I don’t reveal too much too soon.

      It will likely come mid-week.

  3. Personally, I what Republicans to continue being the sociopathic fucktards they truly are. They have embraced the most evil elements of our society and they deserve the political funeral they have received.

    No “conservative” will ever speak out against the filth in the Repig party unless there’s something to be gained in doing so. Such people simply are not capable of feeling shame or remorse or compassion. Their moral turpitude in ingrained in their very being.
    Bad parenting, mental illness, a lifetime of feeling sorry for themselves…

    There is a reason Republicans are Republicans. They are like minded in their disdain for anyone unlike themselves. And therefor, a scourge on this nation and the concept of liberty.

    Blue Dogshit Democrats who enable these vermin by agreeing or remaining silent are equally as guilty.

    The only recourse is to give them nothing. To choke the life out of them and smother their contemptible lies with truth. Extinguish their hate with peace and brotherly love toward the decent people that make up the vast majority of this nation.
    Republicans and their subordinate Democrats and Independent, are the enemy of the American people. That is the new reality we face together.

    Soldier on, Liberals. It all ours from here on out.

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