Who Is My Neighbor

What have you done for others?

This question remind me of the parable “The Good Samaritan“. Which is essentially the essence message of what I’ve been writing for more than two years now on my blog; Consider Others.

You have not yet begun to live until you can rise above the narrow confines of your own concerns to the broader concerns of society.” – MLK

As many of us go about our daily lives we begin to get complacent. We watch people who are in need and/or are hurting on the side of the road of life as we cross to the other side. What is appalling is that some of these people are Christians, I mean priests and Levites.

So often we seek sanctuary within the four walls of the church instead of taking that sanctuary beyond the four walls of the church. What will happen to The Church if The Church is not concern about the people in and out of it?

You may say that “I have to get my own house in order, before I can help anyone else.” That may be true, but if that’s your response to society then you have accepted the foreclosed mentality of the priest and Levite who left the man on the side of the road. It’s not me. I have things to do, places to be, business to take care of. I don’t have time to be concerned about someone else. Let someone else help them.

What if everyone took that same attitude? That person on the side of the road of life would be left for dead waiting for you to rescue them.

What if that was you? Who’s willing to take a risk for humanity? Who’s willing to show their concern for others? Who is my neighbor?


3 thoughts on “Who Is My Neighbor

    1. 🙂 OK Dude. I bet you’re one of the ones that agrees with torture too.

      It’s funny how people who says that I’m judging is the one judging.

      Let me make it easier for you. For your information the guy had a history of making racist comments about not only Blacks, but Jews too. He tried to be smart and in his efforts gave me a compliment. It had nothing to with President Barack Obama.

      Aren’t you one of the Birther’s?

      Take the time to read what all I’ve had to say, before passing judgment on someone you have little clue about.

      But again that may be too much to ask of a birther to do. Consider Others.

  1. No there’s an example of someone getting so caught into themselves that they forget others. I’ll take your neighbor example to a literal example.

    We recently got new neighbors … maybe a couple of weeks ago. Now I meet them early (duh … as the movers were hauling stuff) – As I was talking to them yesterday that not many have stopped by to introduce themselves. Talk about getting caught up in one’s own world!

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