The Devil’s Advocate

Too often we talk about how big our problems are and not how big God is to our problems. We’re quick to affirm the voice of defeat, instead of the voice of victory. If the power of life and death is in the tongue, then what is it that you’re saying?

We speak our own defeat into existence. Whether we realize it or not, when you do this you act as a proxy for evil and the devil’s advocate. Listen to what you’re saying. Listen to yourself. I say this not in judgment of anyone, but as a word of encouragement. I too get have said things that I shouldn’t have said, but this is why I have continually emphasis the message of considering others, tolerance, acceptance and respect for one another. It is difficult to have respect for those who shows themselves unrespectable, but you have to consider them too.

Many have heard the term, “the devil is in the details”, when asked to explain something that appears to be complicated or misunderstood. If the devil is in the details, then isn’t that an indicator that the plan is tainted?

Is the devil in your details? Is what you’re saying self-defeating? How often have you demonstrated your consideration for others with disrespectful words? Are you walking by faith or just by sight? If you really claim to be a Christian, you got to be honest enough to ask yourself these questions.

Are you the Devil’s advocate?

I believe if you’re really honest with yourself some will realize that you are or were. Consider Others.


2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Advocate

  1. Ah ha … the literal use of “devil’s advocate” … Interesting thought to ponder. Again, simply getting caught up in one’s own world and showing others that they don’t care. Although maybe unintentional, we are who we show by actions, not with words.

    Good thoughts here Tim …. Did a sermon spark these thoughts?

    1. Actually it was just a passing thought I had a few days ago that I jotted it down on my Blackberry. (Love the Memo Pad) As you know I enjoy word play and heard something that caught my attention and this is what came out of it. 😀

      The funny thing is that I do, do other things, but have learned to start writing or typing when I good thought passes by.

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