Making It Plain

Yesterday I was asked what I believe was a sincerely honest question by someone who has in the past criticized virtually anything that I’ve written. Some of this individual’s comments are typically associated with the politically ideology of the American extreme right. He has even criticized moderates and the reasonable within his own party. I didn’t mind the name calling so much, because it allowed me to gauge where his mind resides. Often there’s little need to get upset when your opposition gives you a piece of their mind, you just have to know what to do with the piece they give you.

Anyway, he asked me a valid question for once that wasn’t on the fringe of insanity. “Why do I continue to talk to me when you know we disagree on everything?

Well that’s an excellent question.

Here is my answer.

I believe that people can change; even someone who I believe has some serious social and cultural copping dilemmas such as yourself.

What if Jesus responded in hate to those who misunderstood, criticized and disagreed with him? What would this world be like if we all failed to consider others? It would have been destroyed a long time ago.

What you may not understand is that I don’t have to like you, but I’m commanded to love you. And I shouldn’t do it halfheartedly either, but with sincerity. If I am to be true then I must sincerely seek the truth. Loving someone who doesn’t love themselves is difficult, but necessary if I desire to make this world a better place. Many people are too consumed with themselves to consider others.

What is ruining the world is the continual allowance and acceptance of hate. The only undefeatable solution is to love. I’m fine with those who may disagree with me, laugh at me or even call me names, but I am confident that love is the correct response to what has ruin many of our relationships. If we just can be still and listen to what life has to say, then we will know how to respond and begin to change what is ruining this world.

So I end with a message I’ve repeated so many times, Consider Others.


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