Black & White Church Merger in Louisville

For most of this year and on occasion last year I have strive to develop a clear and easily message that can be incorporated into everyday practice; Consider Others. It’s been difficult at times and finds my patience being tested by some brash, self-centered, inconsiderate and intolerable individuals. Although I may want to belittle them and illustrate how unsocialized and uncivilized they are, I have to pull away from it. I don’t always succeed at it, but I do try not to be as verbally vicious as I would like to be at times. I try to consider others, even when I strongly disagree with the position they’ve taken.

If people just would make a genuine effort to consider others instead of themselves only perhaps the world wouldn’t be so bad. Many people are more willing to lie to themselves about how tolerant and inclusive and my favorite “colorblind” they are, but do nothing to back up those claims. It’s just words without meaning.

I say this, because this story about two Baptist Churches in Louisville, KY (a city in which I’m somewhat familiar with) one in which was predominately Black and the other White had the mind to merge. This is just one of the things I’ve been harping on forever about. I absolutely love this story. This is what it’s all about.  When you listen to this interview, you got to listen to what is not being said to get the depth of the story behind all of this.

For those who have regularly followed this blog should have an understanding by now that I have infinity for any serious conversation about race and religion. So when I learn about a story that speaks about both race and religion at the same time you usually will capture my attention.

I urge you to pay attention to the both of these interviews, because it tells a larger story and the significance of this merger. I can and will in another post in days to come go into brief detail about the role the church and in particular Christians have played in the separation of the church. I’m sure I will get some hate emails on that one, but few rebuking the facts. Until then I ask you to listen to these two interviews and get ready for an interesting conversation. 🙂

NPR: Tell Me More – 08/28/09 “Black & White Churches Merge in Louisville
NPR: Tell Me More – 08/28/09 “Southern Baptist Apologizes for Slavery Stance

3 thoughts on “Black & White Church Merger in Louisville

  1. Thanks for the news on this … and yes … Amen! to want they are doing. I look forward to the interviews.

  2. I just listened to both stories, well done. The second one was like icing on a cake. Thanks.

    Both pastors mentioned that the majority of their congregations said yes, but also acknowledged that some disagreed. Unfortunately, there are those who don’t get it for whatever reason.

    Thanks again Tim for this story on the fact that movement does exist.

    1. I love this story. It’s what it should be at church. I’ve often been the person who asks the question about diversity, even in regards to worship. I get some mean spirited, resentment and irritated answers, but they know I have a point. My church has made some tremendous gains towards being inclusive in all it does. Although I have a bit of an inside track to the leadership of my local church and organization as a whole I try to keep reminding everyone the role they have to play too.

      This story is just an excellent example of that. Yes, some so-called christians choose to cling to old ways, but it was good to hear that the majority embraced positive change.

      Thanks for taking the time to actually listen to the interview and audio clip. I happen to work a block away from the Southern Baptist Convention HQ building and although I’m not Baptist, I know of ministers who are apart of both Black & White parts of that convention. Many of them couldn’t give a good reason for the division either.

      It takes time, but people can change.

      Thanks for reading.

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