The Gopsel of Hate

Just when you begin to gain hope that race, politics and religion can some how find reconciliation as illustrated in my previous post you have someone who will always work to keep things how they are, divided. If you pay attention you will see someone who will exemplify this truthfulness of this fact.

What’s the image you initially see in your head when you hear of someone speaking death for President Obama? I don’t even have to say it, but what if I said that it was a minister who was saying it, what’s your view of that person in your head now?

As a Christian and a son, great-grandson, great-nephew and cousin of ministers who were bold in their ministries and teaching the word of God. It has been my experience that much of the problems within the Christian church is not exclusively caused by the non-Christians, but primarily by Christians themselves. People, who proclaim to be representative of Christ, but act more as a liaison for an Anti-Christ.

You would assume that a Christian minister would at least abide by the Greatest Commandment; Love. But I guess that’s too much to ask for someone people, even the pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. This Southern Baptist minister delivered a message of why he hates Barack Obama.

OK, you can dislike the president for whatever your reasons may be. You hate Democrats, fine. You hate Black Democrats if that makes you feel better, cool. Oh, that’s right it’s not about race, but politics. That’s right. Hate whomever you please, but think about what you’re doing when you do that and more importantly what your actions are suggesting.

Wouldn’t it have been be easier to just say, “That _______ scares me”. Seriously, if just for the sake of honesty, because that’s what we’re seeing. Scared people, but what are you really afraid of? I bet you can’t be truthful about it, because the truth will reveal something ugly within your soul that you do not know how to properly deal with, so you revert to what’s comfortable, hate, fear and anger.

You can say whatever you want to say about me, you know this is the unspoken issue; hate.

Now this is not just some right-wing nut case to add to the collection, but a supposed minister of the gospel. I’m just waiting for him to say God Damn America next, but I forgot that level of condemnation only applies for certain people. This is a so-called minister of the gospel. I wonder what his positions are on racism, but I don’t want to make him feel any more uncomfortable than he already is.

But it’s only fair for Pastor Steve Anderson to speak for himself.

Remember what was said at the beginning of this as you read and view this and observe any responses. Look at their heart.

Finally, I ask ministers who say they live by the words of God to speak out against this sort of lawlessness within the Christian church today. This is not some isolated incident, because you have seen it within your own church.

Rhetorically speaking, does the church have to revisit a Birmingham Jail again to get the point? I strongly disagreed with the previous administration, but I never wished for their death or remain silent when I heard of others who did. This challenge is for you.

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5 thoughts on “The Gopsel of Hate

  1. Serious Question,
    Is this not advocating at worst, the overthrow of the US Govt, if not hoping for the death of any Gov’t official has to be crime punishable by a long prison term (maybe Life in Prison).
    That is not even bringing in Race into the discussion because this may also be a hate crime.
    I know we have 1st amendment rights but they are not to say anything
    Hoping for the death of any president weather it is Obama/Biden or Bush/Cheney is equally as bad
    It also looks like this is not an all white church. by watching this CNN Report

    1. I agree. I doubt this is an 100% White church, but I doubt it is all that diverse in it’s ideology or race of it’s members. I would never advocate the death of someone, even those I can’t stand such as Rush Limbaugh or Karl Rove. Even they can be rehabilitated. But this is not isolated. This is a minister who is advocating hate for someone and death of someone. Regardless of a political belief or even theological belief this is not right.

  2. The Pastor had said that God does not let us to talk to anyone who drinks wine, but this is a rather distorted, extreme interpretation of the Bible. The Bible clearly says WE ARE NOT TO FELLOWSHIP WITH A CHRISTIAN PERSON WHO GETS DRUNK.. now that is really different from not talking to any of the people who drink wine.. and why is this pastor so ready not to talk with others now too? so ready to smite them, to kick them out of church? If you have love for someone you are willing to talk with them, but if you do not have love for them, especially if, when you know they do not support you, do not agree with your presentation, do not agree with your point of view, you as a pastor too no can personally can instead refuse to love them, you refuse to talk to them, you find any excuse to reject, ostracize, divorce them basically to deny, to cover up the unacceptable reality that you yourself the pastor actually do not have any love for them.

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