Quick Message to Democrats

Originally, I had some harsh words for the Democratic Party and my fellow Democrats. After pushing it back a month I had to change it slightly because I’m finding it more important to urge the Democratic Party and my fellow Democrats to simply disregard the GOP and many Republicans, because many (not all) have simply choosen to oppose anything and everything, regardless of its validity.

It’s a pure waste of time to even consider what many of them have to say, because they continue to show us the only things they are offering is hate, noise, disrespect and no solutions. Their answer to everything is No. You have not heard one realistic alternative. Republican Reform is to do nothing. So I ask Democrats to do what we put you there to do. Forget the GOP, because they have forgotten what they were elected to do.

Democrats, it is not up to you to do what needs to be done. It’s up to you to lead and stop following every wind of ridiculous opposition that’s thrown in your way. Do What You’re Suppose To Do and don’t worry about the rest. It is the Democrats who were overwhelmingly elected in 2006 and 2008, not Republicans. So my fellow Democrats, IGNORE THEM. The few who has not been pushed out of their own party for being logical and demonstrating common sense will show themselves to be the good Republicans who may disagree with some things, but are willing to work together to do what’s best for all. The right-wing extremist and friends will only insult and complain, but offer no solutions. Disregard them, because they are not worth your time.

Democrats, you need to speak out and stand up for what’s fair and equal or prepare to go home. Have a back bone and do the right thing. If it’s healthcare reform with a public OPTION, not public mandatory, OPITON, then do it. If it’s immigration reform, then let’s do it. You can’t expect the faithless to demonstrate faith on anything you do, that’s why you should have faith in yourself and try to fix what 8 years of Republicans in the White House, 6 years of Republicans in control of the Congress messed up. They will try, but they can’t dispute it with honesty. Surplus to Defecit, Peace to two Wars.

Democrats, Do What You Were Elected To Do and __________ the Republican Party we see today or go home.


7 thoughts on “Quick Message to Democrats

  1. “…have simply choosen to oppose anything and everything, regardless of its validity.”

    There it is there.

    There are two kinds of Republicans involved with opposing health reform.
    Those who are threatened by the challenges of competition and their cronies, and those too stupid to understand the legislation.

    This nation cannot afford for us to listen to either one.

    They oppose Obama. They couldn’t care less about the rest.

  2. I agree with you. It is time for us to start ignoring the Republican Party. Democrats need to quit acting like abused children, stand up, ignore the Repub thugs and get the job done. Not later. Now.

    IGNORE should be the new rally cry.

  3. There’s no question that the GOP is only the voice for their partisans. However, they currently aren’t an alternative for moderates which are being pushed out by the liberals. Failure to keep the middle engaged and positively involved will set the Dems up for future failure. But they don’t care either.

  4. wingnuts & thugs rule, not because they’re in the majority but they have the political will to insist on outrageous things, in the face of any logic, facts, or rational thought.

    dimmycrats act like the only theing they’ll stand for is reelection, & they will fail in that respect, IMHO.

    when it’s evil vs. stupid, stupid loses everytime

    1. I agree.

      There’s a few who are trying to do what needs to be done, but I have not found anyone in Congress on either side of the aisle who is willing to speak out loud enough to be heard over the GOP chatter and the deafening Democratic silent response.

      Who knows, 2010 may bring the change we need, but if the Democrats don’t watch out the Republicans will pull the country back to more of the non-progress we’ve had the past 8 years.

      I only say to President Obama is do what you know needs to be done and forget about the rest or just hire me to say what no one is willing to say in the way it needs to be said.

      Thanks for reading and commenting loomisnews I always enjoy hearing from you. 🙂

  5. In January, I would have said (and I did say) that Obama should be reaching out to the Republicans in the way that they rarely did during the Bush administration. Now, I’m with you. The Democrats need to push for their agenda by themselves. If it fails, they will get voted out of office and the Republicans will get another chance. It’s the way things have worked for 200 years.

    If they succeed, though (and I’m pretty sure there will be a net positive here), then the Obama administration will be remembered as the one in which all of our long-neglected problems–immigration, education, energy, healthcare–will be solved at last.

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