Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

This is a message that can be viewed in multiple ways. Some may choose to view it as a political statement with a progressive charge to action to leave those who are hell bent on inaction. Others may choose to view this as an encouraging or inspirational rally to believe in yourself. Inalienably there will always be those who choose to view it as an opportunity to criticize and condemn as an attempt for attention and/or validating acknowledgement of their own unrealized and unaccepted potential.

There are other facets of perceptions one may gain from this message, but however and whatever you receive from what I have to say, I would like to know your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Although I do ask you to understand what you’re saying, because you may reveal more than you intend by what you say, whether it is good or bad.

I was asked by a friend if I ever felt like throwing my hands up in surrender when I encounter some of the ‘interesting’ people who submit negative comments on my blog. The quick and brief answer to that is Yes, but I can’t.

I know that I’m not obligated or even paid to write everyday, but I feel that I have something positive to contribute and to gain. Not all negative comments are bad; some are just disagreements on basis of ones ideology, socialization, education and comfort level. Even the nasty ones is good evidence of that. For me to give up on people means giving up on being disappointed when they do not live up to their potential. It’s too easy to become complacent and cynical with people and life. But why should that stop me from doing what I believe is right?

It is dangerous for any of us to lose hope in the ability of people to change. Much of the hatred, violence and dissent we witness in the world and within our own life are the result in the misguided intentions. We validate the relevance of these things when we become complacent when they occur or silent in fear of challenging what we know isn’t true.

We will get no where if we continue to wait on the unsocialized to become civilized. Change will never be conclusive regardless of how inclusive you strive to be, someone will always oppose you in what you’re trying to achieve. That’s fine, because it is a test of your commitment. Do you believe what it is you’re saying? Can you stand alone on your words? Many will say they can, but you can tell if that’s true or not by what they say and do.

You got to learn how to dream beyond the confines of your opposition’s imagination. Someone will always say “You Can’t” or “You Shouldn’t”. Change and even reform will always be uncomfortable to those who are content remaining in the narrow confines of their own perceptions. Although we may care about their well-being we can not allow their inabilities to limit the possibilities.

When you do what you’re suppose to be doing and quit worrying about everyone else, the truth will always remain after the commotion and the confusions of your opposition begins to fall. A bit of advice my parents told me is that ‘a lie can’t stand on it’s on for long’, the truth will always prevail. So whatever it is positive you’re doing you can’t stop, because your opposition won’t stop. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you down.

Keep Pushing.


11 thoughts on “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

  1. We’re kicking their ass.

    The Progressive Caucus has stated our platform and have told the President that we simply will not relent.
    That’s what has to be done. Driving the point home with a jackhammer and never blinking.

    The Right just want’s Obama to fail. We saw this recently as one of them had their finger bitten of after they assaulted a MoveOn member at a Town Hall meeting.
    The scum with the finger went to the hospital to have it re-attached. He had Medicare to pay for it.

    There is the proof.

    The views of hypocrites and liars must be ignored because the opposite of what they state is what’s true and just.

    1. Exactly. I have absolutely given up on the GOP. I know that there are some Republicans that are reasonable, but Charlie Crist & Olympia Snowe are demonized by their own party for being moderate. But some Democrats aren’t much better. I think the President is trying to do what’s right and fair, and I’m always for inclusion, but not everyone is open-minded. I hope the Progressive Caucus will hold firm. The Republicans in Congress simply don’t care about anything except beating Obama. Some Democrats are just working to stay in office and doing basically what the Republicans are doing, only concern about themselves.

      I wrote this to be viewed in multiple ways, but politics is apart of it too. Thanks for reading. Plus, I like your other blog.

  2. Another timely post, Tim, and spot on. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to share my party affliation, but I’m trying to give Michael Steele ample time to weed out the negativity and usher in a more respectful mantle.

    Hope your Labor Day plans are unwinding as you and yours like. Safe travels sir.

    1. Thanks Al.

      I know it’s not all Republicans, but as I’ve warned awhile ago, it’s what is going on within the party by the fringe. Michael Steele has said some things that I wish he wouldn’t have said, but there are many Democrats who are just as clueless.

      We all have to ignore those who shows themselves inconsiderate and do what we have to do to get the country where it should be. Republicans & Democrats can do it, they just have to be willing to do what’s right for all and not just some.

      I’m happy that you do continue to read what I have to say. I do what equality, but not everyone is willing to be fair. That’s goes for those who agree and disagree with me.

      You have a good, but safe weekend.

  3. I’ve been saying this for the past 8 years and will continue because it still hold … the traditional long-time Republicans are shaking their head because they have little say in their party.

    1. Thanks Frank.

      Many people think that I’m simply attacking the GOP for partisan reason, but I simply want them to do what’s fair. I may be a Democrat, but as I’ve written many times on here is that I will speak out against hate anytime, anywhere and anyone who does it. I simply can’t believe the levels some will go to and not realize what it is that they are doing or essentially admitting to. I’ve pointed it out from Democrats in early 2008 and have continued since when I see it from Republicans. It’s just ridiculous at the extremes many have gone to. It honestly makes the GOP look sympathetic to hate and that’s what bothers me.

      Again, I’m a Democrat, but hate is not political, because I’ve found it in my own party. I just do not like seeing it go on, but most Republicans we see today will not listen to a Democrat tell them anything and vice versa. The traditional Republicans are the only ones who appear to be smart and honest enough to even engage in a civil conversation. I’ve found myself in agreement on various issues with Republicans, but these days I can only find a single hand full of Republicans in Congress or else where willing to speak and act as we should. Democrats are no better, because there are Democrats who are only concerned with keeping power instead of using it for good.

      Republicans have some excellent candidates that I hope do not run for President in 2012, because I actually like the President. Charlie Crist, Colin Powell and a few others are well capable of doing it, but they are moderate. Other Democrats such as Gov. Duval Patrick or even Gov. Phil Bredesen will not get a chance. Perhaps we should run. 🙂

      Thanks again. I appreciate your comments as always.

  4. One thing that I like about you Tim is your continual quest for an ideal that you believe in. You’re consistent and committed to your belief system. I’ve always said that if one can’t practice what they preach, don’t preach. Although we’ve never physically met, I have no doubt that you live your life by the words you write.

    Staying on course with a passion is likely trying to climb Niagara Falls – well, maybe not that difficult but you see my point. Staying the course is much more difficult than being complacent and returning to the comfort of the mundane, blind acceptance of many.

    1. 😀 Thanks Frank.

      Well you and a few others who are within a certain hour radius of where I live may have the opportunity to meet me next year. As a few already know of the event that will occur soon has put a halt on travel until next year, but I actually plan on doing some travel next year. So perhaps I’ll deradicalize by then. 😀

      I’m actually a little silly in person than I am ‘on screen’, so I’m sure we’ll get along just as well in person as we do online. You’ll have to school me on baseball. I know some things about it, but not astute by any means.

  5. I agree with what’s been said above. Good post. This legislation will not be the end of the world. It works elsewhere, it might work here — either way, we’ll all be in this together. It’ll cost money, yes, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch. Let’s all take a deep breath, hold hands, and go for it.

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