Stop Pandering #$&* @!

I’m speaking specifically to Democrats on this one and those who calls themselves Democrats, but invite moderate Republicans or the traditional/real Republicans to consider this charge to.

As a supporter of President Obama and believe he will do an excellent job, BUT he can’t do that when we do not keep his feet to the fire as we did George W. Bush. Unlike George W. Bush and most Republicans in Congress today, this President thinks long term.

The Republican Party of today and its media arms in radio and television are diligently working not only to drive Congress off of the political fringe it’s currently on, but anyone who may validate their extreme invalid and unrealistic points of view. They, meaning the extremist within the Republican Party will continue their ridiculous opposition. Facts, reality, morality and truth are less important when it comes to their desire to control and posses’ power.

The minority within this minority called the Republican Party are just as silent as the Democrats who are now in the majority. You’ll be surprised how much we may actually agree. I’m not unreasonable. I can and have disagreed with Democrats on many occasions. I may be a Democrat, but I’m not extreme or anything goes.

But I say to my fellow Democrats and moderate/traditional Republicans, WHAT IN THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL. Stand-up and speak out for what you know is not right. I may be a Democrat, but I know that there are Republicans, who I like to call the ‘Real Republicans’ who are blown away by what their party has become. This is not the same party as it was many decades ago, but a carbon copy of what the Democrats were many decades before that. Now is absolutely not the time to sit on your hands and bite your tongue and be timid. Many simply talk loud, but are saying nothing and evidence they claim supports their theories are laughable, but their scare tactics are not funny, neither is your silence.

If you are what you claim to be Democrats then Challenge Their Ass or go away. Many will only give you more of the rhetoric if you allow it. If you don’t know the truth, then seek it out for yourself; don’t combat nonsense with more nonsense. If you know it’s wrong then say it. But don’t just say it, explain why it is wrong and give a solution. Name calling on both sides gets us no where. There are Democrats who are proving themselves to be just as ridiculous as many Republicans of today are proving themselves to be. Now is not the time to remain silent, unless you really are as unsophisticated of a voter as the extremist believe you are.

If you voted for a particular party, just because it’s ‘Your Party’ regardless if the candidates on top are making sense or not, then you’re an unsophisticated voter. If you voted for a particular candidate because the color of their skin, Black or White, then you are an unsophisticated voter. If you voted for someone because of their gender, then you are an unsophisticated voter. There is good and bad in all regardless of what their supporters may say. I love the Democratic Party, but there are elements of it I do not like. Just as I may oppose the actions of the Republican Party, but have little issues with some of it’s more moderate members. (You rarely hear me speak ill of certain people within the GOP who are moderate. Only the Karl Rovers and Dick Cheney’s of the party. I may speak kind of the more liberal members of the Democratic Party, but you rarely hear me reference them.) I’m not a Blue Dog Democrat, but I can play well with them just as I can the Hawks within the GOP, when they consider each other.

SIDE-NOTE: We shouldn’t have a Republican democracy, nor should it be Democrats democracy, but we should have democracy. I won’t go into a U.S. Government or History class lesson today, but my goodness what in the Hell is wrong with some of these people on BOTH sides of the aisle.

So I turn to you Democrats, because truth has basically written off the validity of many (not all) Republicans today. Democrats what are you going to do? What are you going to say? Or can I apply the stinging words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to you too when he said that “In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends.”

Today my Democrats, Liberal and even Moderate Republican friends are silent. Silent in speaking what is true, fair and logical to yield to the noise that is erupting from the scared, the hateful, the unsocialized and uncivilized within the Republican Party of today. Is the Democratic Party the party of change or the mute big brother of the smaller, but much louder Republican Party?

Why I support the President is not because of race or ideology although I share both with this President. I understand what he’s seeking to achieve, but he is just an instrument. You are the change, Congress and the President is the vehicle to make that change, the judicial system are the enforcers of that change. Show you have the political and moral testicular fortitude to be the change that we believed in or just bend over and continue to let the extremist continue to… screw you, what were the Republican Party and the country as a whole up. Democrats, it is not the Republican Party that is the problem, nor is it the Democratic Party. It is what both are

So I end with this, “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.” What are you cooperating with?


14 thoughts on “Stop Pandering #$&* @!

  1. Well, it’s no secret that I despise Republicans. But I despise the self-serving Democrats just as much.
    To me, there is not one iota of difference between a Jim Cooper and a piece of crap like Pete Sessions or Sam Brownback.
    Joe Lieberman is equal to John A. Boehner.

    They’re the same “I have mine, fuck you” mentality.
    They have money, our money. They have health care, that we pay for. But they don’t want us to pay for our own unless the money goes to the industry abominations who line their pockets.

    Now, I give Democrats credit when due. Barack has made me feel much better with his affirmation of the public Option as stated at the Labor Day picnic. Also, I give Repigs credit when due. It doesn’t seem that way because they rarely deserve credit. But I do.
    I gave Dana Rhorabacher credit for supporting Medical Marijuana nationally. The only thing the man has ever done right.
    I don’t usually put much stock in Polls, but for those who do…

    * National Quinnipiac poll in August (question 23): 40% of Republicans support public option, 72% overall

    * National CBS poll in September: 35% of Republicans support public option, 60% overall

    It continues….

    August Research 2000 poll of Sen. Max Baucus’s “red state” Montana constituents: 47% support and 44% oppose the public option

    August Research 2000 poll of Blue Dog Rep. Jim Cooper’s constituents: 61% support and 28% oppose the public option

    There is still strong support for critical elements of the Obama/Democratic plan:

    * 62 – 32 percent in favor of giving people the option of a government insurance plan;
    * 61 – 36 percent for higher taxes on high income earners to pay for health care reform;
    * 60 – 32 percent in favor of insurance subsidies for individuals making up to $43,000 and families of four making up to $88,000;
    * 54 – 38 percent for requiring businesses to provide insurance or pay the government.

    There are plenty of people who identify as “Republican” who support the public option according to this data. Those who oppose it are industry and idiot. No one else.
    So to those Republicans who believe in helping their fellow man as Jesus intended us to do, I give full credit. And in the same paragraph, I condemn those Democrats like Max Baucus, Mike Ross, Cooper, Gordon, Tanner, Davis etc for stabbing the people, including their constituencies, in the back.

    But in spite of their efforts to derail the reform movement, we will get this done. Barack Obama cannot afford to completely alienate his base which is what will happen if he fails on this issue. He knows this (at least I hope he does). The Progressive Caucus (which interpolates the Black Caucus), knows this too.

    We’re gonna do this thing.

  2. Political ideology is more of a continuum rather than a sides of a fence. Moderate Republicans are stuck – forced to simply watch and shake their head. “Their” party is more to the right than they like, thus moderate GOP spokespersons are few and far between. A few named newspaper columnists exist, but the GOP Right mocks them … as it does the few legislators that are called Rhinos.

    On the other hand, these Republicans also see many Dems as too far left. Again, shaking their head.

    I respectfully disagree with Captain Kona, but the Captain is articulate and explains his position – which is fine and I respect that. However, he mocks moderate Democrats who try to bridge the divide … thus moderate Republicans won’t board Captain Kona’s ship. Is there any difference between the obstructive nature of the far left and the far right?

    1. Well I actually like and respect both of you on many things you both have to say and contribute. I’ve learned a great deal from you both. Perhaps I’ve found my Vice-President & Secretary of State when I run in 2016 🙂

      Second thought, my platform may be a bit too radical for both of you. I don’t want to get anyone stoned for what I’m going to present. 😀

  3. “….moderate Democrats who try to bridge the divide”

    There is no “divide” to bridge.
    There is only what is right and what is wrong. What is right (the needs of the people) cannot be compromised. What is wrong (corporate fascism) must be trampled under foot. Without mercy and without hesitation.

    The Democraps I mentioned above are not “moderates”. They are Blue Dogshits who spend their careers on their knees before their corporate masters.
    I would post links but it’s already common knowledge where the likes of Ross, Cooper, Gordon get the majority of their funds. The health industry.
    Game over.

    They capitulate and offer themselves to the highest bidder. They gladly sell out their constituencies to support the conservative status quo. They attempted to derail health reform and failed. They do not “bridge”.

    They are every bit the disease the NeoCons are and therefore must be remedied.

    TIM! 🙂

    No worries, I’m usually stoned anyway.


    1. 😀

      Well I actually can agree with your point about the needs of the people can not and should be compromised. My solution is a little too radical to be accepting as a viable political theory, but I think if applied with enough force it will work.

      My last two jobs were in the health insurance industry (I.T.) the first was worker’s comp and was actually very fair in their practices until they were sold to a larger company. Then they lost several people even the President & Vice of the company left. Once I finally left I went to one of the insurance companies that we have heard telling their employees to go to these townhalls to disrupt. I absolutely HATED this place and was very vocal about it. The unethical business practices is one of the reasons 40% of the location I was at was leaving. Just wrong. I was pushed out because I was too objectionable when I heard of some of the things they were doing. I hated the place. And I was in I.T. Now that I’m in a completely different industry I look at these townhalls highly leary of the information some of these protesters are claiming, because it’s not true. These insurance companies will cut you in a minute. There are a few good ones, but they’re not big companies. The huge companies do not care about anyone but themselves. They will cater to whatever politician, Democrat or Republican can get them what they want.

      Finally, I like you too much Kona & Frank to allow you to get stoned by what I would say. I just say to either of you who are the VP or Secretary of State to avenge my death when they assassinate me for telling the truth. GET THEM. 😀

      Seriously, I’m honestly in the middle on this one. I agree with both of you, not only because I respect you both, but you both make good points. There a few Republicans who are alright. Olympia Snowe may be the most popular Republican among Democrats I know these days. I have my eye on Jim Cooper and Bart Gordon. Bart Gordon is my congressman too, so I’m really looking at him because it would be his seat that I would be running for if I ever ran. The Democrats need what I call a good old fashion Democratic Doberman to come in and bite some of them on their :O to straighten some of them up or run them out.

      Thanks again for chiming in. Both of you will have to find something to disagree with me on. Tell me you hate my favorite music group or something. 😀

  4. Run for his seat, Tim. I’ll personally come to Nashville and help you build the most aggressive, respectably hard-assed campaign anyone in this party has ever seen.
    We’ll answer every single lie with truth and ram it down their throats in the media. No mercy for liars.
    They’ll either admire us for our ferocity or get out of our way. But we’ll get it done regardless.

    I’ll even be a speech writer. Can you imagine?…..

    “Fellow Democrats, friends, countrymen….
    Bart Gordon has let you down. He has taken away your choice when seeking health care coverage.
    He also wears lace panties does the lampshade gag at Republican luncheons….”

  5. Not to interrupt the conversation about potential music for Tim’s possible bid for Congress, 🙂 but I do want to respond.

    1) Whereas Captain Kona defines differences as right and wrong, I look at differences as agree and disagree.

    2) Whereas Captain Kona uses a more combative tone, I continue to be more respectful to those who disagree with me.

    3) Whereas Captain Kona suggests the moderates are bought by the highest bidder, I suggest all politicians are subject to bowing to special interest.

    4) Whereas Captain Kona didn’t attack me personally, I appreciate his efforts and respectfully disagree with his overall position. Continued best wishes Captain.

  6. Tim:

    I’m still too much of a hick to know the difference between Hip Hop and Rap.
    Remember, I’m Appalachian.


    The only difference is that you see Blue Dogs as “moderate” and I see them as Republicans.
    You tell no lies so I would never attack you personally. Only blatant liars are subjected to classic captainkona derision.
    I just try to be blunt so there’s never any question as to where I’m coming from. Rarely does anyone need to ask me what I mean.



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