Feeling Secure in Tough Times

Can you tell me how to get… Well I’m talking about Sesame Street, but I’m also talking about the recession and how the king of children’s television is dealing with the subject.

Although I believe this rare occasion that Sesame Street was aired in Primetime may have been indirectly diverted by the President’s address to a joint session of Congress I hope you find time to view this special “Tough Times” online. Share it with your friends who may have school aged children or if you are in contact or have influence with a child it may be a good tool for you to guide you on delivering a more affective message with your child, children or those you have influence over.

Some may choose to dwell on the negatives and seek the continuation of extremism and name calling, but at the same time there are families who are suffering. The recession has long arms and there are families who finds themselves forced to make the difficult decisions. How did they get into the situation? Someone may be sick and find themselves battling things such as lost of insurance coverage, lost of an income because a spouse was laid off or even foreclosure. What do you do?

Some choose to call people liars or subscribe to f.e.a.r. while families are struggling to make ends meet. I’ve found myself to be very fortunate because I have a neighbor whose house is being foreclosed on and another neighbor who’s spouse is very ill. The consequences of the actions of certain people who were in power continue to be felt. It’s not about race, class, education, preferences or religion. My neighbors, both former and current do not look like me, have the same educational experiences or believe what I believe, but we still tried to look out for each other.

What has concerned me the most is the children I see who are now forced to grow up faster than they should have to. Daddy lost his job, Mommy is sick, but we are still together. I personally get tired of telling people what they should already be doing. I understand we get caught up in the politics of the moment, I understand that it’s not always about me or you. I understand that the recession has hit the wallets of virtually everyone in some way. But if we continue down the dead end some are leading us then we all will get no where. We must stand together and work together so we can have the opportunity to fight another day.

I give Sesame Street and the Children’s Television Workshop credit for providing an innocent voice of reason to the nonsense of the day. Although I know everyone will not receive the message they (CTW) is trying to deliver, or my latest edition of my continual cry of Consider Others, I hope you can just take the time to listen to the messages that has been given the past three days (referenced below) and the one I will offer today and apply it, because it’s a theme that you should be paying attention to. Thank you.

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6 thoughts on “Feeling Secure in Tough Times

  1. Well said, Tim, but no surprise there. You always seem to have a knack for addressing the core issue without mushrooming it with race, age, sex, religion, nationality, etc. Yes, all of us, collectively, all across America are being affected by the current economic cloud, but your wise advise to address the issue-the economy– and ways and means to improve it is far better than the name calling and finger-pointing out of Washington, DC.

    1. I actually had something very different to say, but forgot that I had written this as an announcement for an article for a completely different venue. After thinking about it and how it connected I used it here. I steered away a bit, but tried to come back to it. It’s difficult to bridge Sesame Street, Politics and Healthcare together. 😀

      I still have one harsh thing to launch in regards to politics, but it’s directed at everyone and not solely one party. After that the focus will change, so stay tuned. But I must say I thank you Al for reading.

  2. Tim,

    Gave you a thumbs up due to your sense of fairness in your comment above, where you essentially said that within your next post the topic will cover politics but your reasons aren’t to target one party or the other, but the institution itself–bravo sir!

    Lol @ your statement, “It’s difficult to bridge Sesame Street, Politics and Healthcare together. ” How true.

    1. 😀

      That’s was a stretch, but hopefully I managed to construct the argument correctly.

      I did forget the initial importance of tomorrow, so I’m pushing my post back a day for an unique tribute to 9/11. Unique is the keyword here, but respectful.

  3. I’ll be sure to stop in tomorrow for a read, Tim, and stop over and visit with Afrankangle too. Meanwhile, should our paths not cross, have a wonderful weekend–best to your Titans on game day.

  4. Very meaningful post Tim. Outlook is so undervalued and underrated.

    I too lost a neighbor due to foreclosure. Although the situation wasn’t about losing a job, still … people were affected. In this case, the family distanced themselves from the rest of us and would let us “in”, but I understand things have worked out for them in a city several states away.

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