We Were One

Yesterday eight years ago the world as we knew it was relatively safe and civilized according to Western and/or American standards, but in one day, a few moments that perception was changed. The common American psyche was disrupted by a few disturbing moments of reality.

As I reflect on it today it made me realize that for once although brief we were all one. Think about that if you observe a moment of silence on this day in remembrance of those who never got to see tomorrow.

We were one; once upon a time.

Once upon a time in a democracy long, long ago there was a thing called civil discourse. People disagree, but it was generally respectful. There were few disrespectful outbursts during speeches by Presidents. It was a rare occasion to have police or security at local meetings held by politicians. People calling each other Nazi’s and other derogatory names.

Today our there’s a contract out on America by the way of wars with countries that did not attack us and destroying one that we believe is home to the one who did. Presidents acting improper in the illusive halls of the White House, stolen elections at home and abroad. Elected officials using hate and fear to build political support. We have people questioning the validity of ones birth, faith and patriotism, while ignoring the hypocrisy of their own. Blacks suspicious of Whites, Whites suspicious of Latinos, Latinos critical of immigrants and immigrants suspicious of you and me.

A President prematurely proclaiming MISSION ACCOMPLISH, but you have to now wonder what mission was accomplished. If it was a mission of broadening the long held divisions and issues of mistrust then, I agree MISSION ACCOMPLISH. If it was to act neglectfully in response to a region of the country literally drowning under water and social, educational and economic inequalities then I say MISSION ACCOMPLISH. If it was to make way for crisis after crisis for the next President to deal with then I say MISSION ACCOMPLISH.

We were one once upon a time, but look at us now. But the question remains unanswered; are we safer today, September 11th of this year than we were September 10, 2001?


How can I say that?

Well, as I reflect on today I realize that for a brief period of time in America, we were all one. Now look at us today.

A long time Senator dies and he’s mocked and disrespected. That’s an indictment on the Republican Party and Democratic Party, because I can recall the noise from Democrats at the passing of another long time Senator from the south last year.

Yes, we were one, once upon a time, but that must have been a fairytale.

In rememberance of those who were killed in New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. on this day eight years ago I hope you are resting in peace. The world did change on that day and our country changed too. Regardless of your race, religious beliefs, sexual preferences, ancestry, disabilities or political affiliation I pray that you are at peace.


6 thoughts on “We Were One

  1. Good post Tim. Interestingly, (and by coincidence) we both worked in the thought of oneness into our post today. Maybe us thinking on the same lines is a greater danger. ha ha …. not really, I see it more as a connection.

  2. I had never experienced a national unity like that which we found in the aftermath of the attacks. It felt good.
    Then it was manipulated and squandered by evil, greed laden men who sought to capitalize on this nation’s grief.

    They destroyed this unity and left us forever divided.
    For that, more than anything else, I will despise them until the day I die.

    Unity is a wonderful premise. But where the Right Wing and their enablers are concerned, there will be none. Not ever. They don’t deserve the respect.
    It’s sad. But it’s the reality this nation now faces.
    That particular unity will never exist again.

    1. Or if Dick Cheney and friends get their way and we’re attacked again, perhaps. But given the current state of many who feel comfortable enough to call this President a liar despite the evidence, then I believe you’re probably right. Either way I hope not.

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