Do Something

The Republican Party and its allies have repeatedly proven itself to be disrespectful, disingenuous, disruptive, obstructionist, exclusionist party with stubbornness towards true diversity, tolerance and consideration. Although I would love nothing more than to call out the list of Republicans I do not have the time and space to list them all, because I would have to add several Democrats to that list. So in interest of time I will let you construct your own mental list.

I’ve grown weary of even conveying the message of considering others when it comes to many Republicans, because they have proven to be inconsiderate. I know it is not the all Republicans and I hope those of you who read this who are within the minority or this minority called the Republican Party can understand my distain for the party it has become. I will always reserve a measure of hope for the hopeless, but there comes a time where you simply can not help the helpless.

It honestly bothers me to see what our political discourse has become, discord. I do not think that the entirety of my own party has demonstrated themselves much better. If you are a party of the people for the people then does what we the people have elected you to do; work for the people. You finally got your wish and I’m telling you to not sit on this opportunity, but to stand for what I know you believe in or be respectable enough to leave or go join the GOP.

What else is it that you want?

You honestly have a person in President Obama who is trying to work with people. What’s the use many Democrats have often asked? They simply do not want to cooperate with anything this President seeks to accomplish and they’ve said it in their round-about ways.

It’s difficult for me to even argue with that now. The restraint from simply busting the heads of some of these people is amazing. As President I may be tempered, but it would be to a point.

Now I understand why this President must maintain his temper; he’s the first. Not the first President, not even the first President who can maintain his temperament, but the first President who is not a White Male. The perception of the “Angry Black Man” has already been tried on him and it doesn’t work.

But isn’t that’s the elephant in the room that continues to sling dung in the face of many Republicans? It is those who are unwilling and lack the courage and conviction to say it in hopes to hide behind the safe proxy of partisan politics and policy. The level of discourse is immeasurable given any other presidential comparison. All presidents face opposition, but this is a realization more than a demonstration.

I know some don’t like this, but you got to swallow this if we are to fix what is broken. It’s time for us to be honest and acknowledgment the issues with truth if we are to ever unite the state of America.

Our problem dates back many decades in our history. The partisan politics of today is just a reflection of what both Democrats and Republicans have allowed to continue, what Black, White, Latino, Native Americans and Asians have allowed to continue, what Atheists, Agnostics, Christians, Jews, Hindu and Muslims have allowed to continue. When President Obama said that it’s time to end the bickering, its truth spans beyond just our current health care debate.

What we all are experiencing is the ruining of the world in an installment plan. My frustration with the behavior of some elected officials, religious beliefs, specific groups, specific circumstances or the society as a whole stems from the acceptance of inadequacy. Someone has got to have to will and fortitude to stand for what’s right. If not, we all are simply contributors to ruining the world.

Do something.