The GOP is Dead

You Must View This Slideshow, before you can offer your comments. These pictures are simply amazing.


I’m just curious in knowing what Republicans/Conservatives think about what has essentially defined the GOP after viewing this slideshow. I believe a more important question above your comments is what are you going to do in response to what you see here? Politics is the proxy for what is revealing itself as racism, bigotry, prejudice and bias. It’s alright to oppose a policy, but you have to admit that there’s more at work here than opposition to misunderstood policy.

9/12 RalleyI would love to hear what those who has repeatedly opposed my writings have to say in response. Do you still align yourself with what you see in these pictures here or those not on the fringe of society? I wonder what you have to say.

Now I’m not sure what it will take to get through to any of these people, but I know who you have to thank for it all? FOX News & Friends.  So let’s all send a big thank you to Glenn Beck for supporting this on his show.

I was told by someone who isn’t Black, “What’s Wrong With White People” these days? Although I understood his frustration I had to say that it isn’t all White people that has the problem, nor is it the Republican Party. BUT It is a problem that has captured much of the Republican Party that is primarily made up of White people. I honestly have run out of any defense for the GOP. And I’m not a Republican, nor am I White.

I really don’t know what else to say. How can I ask people to consider others that are proven to be inconsiderate, irrational, culturally disturbed and proud of it? You can’t just shake your head at it, because you keep doing that someone in these rallies will end up shooting you.

So I end by asking what side of history are you going to be on? Just as we can easily recall from the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950’s – 1960’s we can easily learn today. Will you be one of the ones standing in the ‘schoolhouse door’ of progress or on the side of ignorance and hinderance? The choice is yours.


4 thoughts on “The GOP is Dead

  1. I certainly align myself with the Americans in the slideshow. They may be rude and upset and not expressing themselves as eloquently as I might like, but they and I are defending America from Obama, his Liberals, and their anti-American agenda.

    In terms you would viscerally understand, I would prefer to use the methodologies of MLK, but I’ll settle for those of Malcolm X if that’s what it takes to stop the destruction of my country by the Liberals.

    1. If you really knew the methods of Malcolm X you would have never said that. If you really understood the methods of Martin Luther King you would have never said that. I’ve studied both in detail. The Malcolm of later years was much different than what you think, but if this is your choice to align yourself with these people then that’s your choice. You’re wrong, but that’s your choice too. Ignorance is bliss, so if this is the side of history you choose to be on then I respect that.

      I don’t see how you could have looked at the slide show 2 minutes after I posted and read what I had to say, but whatever. Thanks for reading.

  2. To your last point – it’s called WordPress Tag Surfer. It shows me the most recent post matching certain tags I’ve chosen. I’d also seen most of the images elsewhere, so didn’t need to go that deeply into them; I could just skim through them to see if I saw anything new.

    As for MLK and Malcolm X – both of them changed over the years, MLK for the worse and Malcolm X admittedly for the better. I was, of course, speaking of the earlier methodologies of both men in my comment.

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