Ignorance is Bliss

What is the irony of hate? When the hater doesn’t know what or who he really hates.

I wonder what White Supremacist are saying about the Republicans who are portraying President Obama as Hitler. Isn’t Hitler a hero to them?

I don’t think these republicans protesting realizing they are insulting White Supremacist by comparing a Black man to Hitler.

Then I wonder what Republicans think about the racists and White Supremacist claiming to be Republicans and always showing up at their events? Don’t they realize that this is the same party that once supported the Emancipation Proclamation, as some seek to remind me? I wonder what Lincoln would say.

Plus why remind me of something I already know, as if I’m so politically unsophisticated that I don’t know history or eternally bound by indebtedness to any political party, Republican or Democrat.

I’m sure someone out there may be willing to substantiate my point.

Ignorance is bliss has never been so true.

One thought on “Ignorance is Bliss

  1. Republicans, in their infinite stupidity, have allowed this radical element to take control of the party without a peep. They’ve just accepted it.

    There can only be three reasons:

    1) They got caught sleeping. Apathy is in their nature.

    2) They dramatically miscalculated and actually thought that there were that many scared idiots in the country to appeal to. These fanatical racist types are actually a very tiny minority of fringe kooks.

    3) They accept it and identify with racial supremacy.

    If any stop buy, perhaps they’ll be kind enough to tell us which one of the three they represent.

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