Why Do You Hate Muslims?

I want to begin by saying that I personally do not hate Muslims at all. I’ve written on many occasions of the opportunities I’ve had to become friends with Muslims and people who some Americans naively perceive to be Muslim just because of their Arab or Middle Eastern heritage.

On many occasions I’ve found myself defending Muslims just as I recall an occasion in childhood a friend whose family were practicing Muslims defended me. I’ve been blessed to have the friendships that I’ve been so fortunate to have with individuals who are Muslims, whether since birth or conversion. Perhaps this is the prime reason I have little issues with Muslims. I can reference someone through personal experiences. Not just an instance or brief encounter, but an established friendship based on mutual respect.

Mutual respect, tolerance and the benefit of being socialized was essential in my experiences with Muslims and my Arab American and Middle Eastern friends. I don’t assume that someone who may appear to be of Middle Eastern heritage practices Islam. My former Egyptian neighbor was a Christian, but constantly endured negative remarks by primarily White men who I have witness calling him derogatory names. Perhaps it’s easy for me to have respect and acceptance of others because I can empathize with the hurt, anger and confusion of being the target of hate. But empathy is not my reason or intentions of why I am comfortable and embrace Muslims with ease; it’s education.

Education is not only obtained in a classroom, but in the living room too. It’s not only found in a book, but it is found in the way you look. We’ve all heard that you can’t judge a book by its cover, so why judge someone by the way they look? You may be surprised with what you can be taught when you take the opportunity to learn.

Side-Note: My belief is that if I am to be a true follower of Christ, then I should abide by what he said is the greatest commandment. So I’ve found it to be much easier to love than to hate. If you call yourself to be a Christian, then act like Christ.

As we continue our lives eight years after the events that occurred on September 11, 2001 in Pennsylvania, Washington D.C. and New York City, but most importantly to the American psyche and conscious. We must be willing to challenge those who have found comfort and acceptance in hate. Hate in any form is a cancer of your soul, incurable when unchecked.

There’s no reason why any Christian should hate Muslims or Islam. You may hate what a group of extremist who claim Islam as their faith may have done, but where is that same hate and public display when the hate is perpetrated by Christians? Don’t be a religious hypocrite or hate mongered. If you’re a Christian you are commanded to love repeatedly, so why is that so difficult for you to do?

So as I conclude I’m sure I may encounter those who choose to disagree, but it was Malcolm X who said “If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.” So I appreciate all who choose to comment, whether positive or negative, each is a step towards success. You do not have to agree with the teachings of any religion, but that doesn’t give you license to disrespect it.

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5 thoughts on “Why Do You Hate Muslims?

  1. Hi Tim,

    You make some valid points, and it’s indicative of your openmind anyway to offer others the benefit of the doubt and judge them accordingly. Where I genuinely admire that in you and others, it’s unfortunate that where there are some positive examples in the Muslim community, there remains negative examples as well. The trick/challenge I guess is to give folks a chance but maintain a sense of vigilance to ensure they are legitimate in their mannerisms as oppose to up to no good (as you well know sir even the Devil can cite Scripture for his purpose).


    Have a safe/wonderful weekend.

  2. You may recall that I took an introductory class on Islam. At least I know more now than I did. What I found most interesting was the reactions of people (including family) to when I was telling them I was taking the class. Amazing. For those who haven’t had many interactions with Muslims, education is a good place to start.

    1. Really. I would love to hear more about it. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing people who practice Islam and have never had any issues with any of them. I guess I can relate to them in regards to discrimination and the feeling it brings.

      I’m grateful for the friend I have who practices Islam who is originally from an Arabic speaking country who defended me years ago from someone who claimed to be a Christian shooting at me. What was interesting is that the day before the guy who was shooting at me was trying to bully someone else and calling another guy I knew all types of racially offensive names because he was Jewish. He was upset that I jumped in and defended this other guy. So this was his way of getting back at me.

      So as I was defending a Jewish friend from a fellow so-called Christian, a Muslim defended me. A Jew, White guy, Arab Muslim and Black Christian. 🙂 At least my conflict was racially diverse. 😀

  3. I lived in the middle east for five years. I read and write Arabic.
    Every religion has it’s Taliban. That is a fact of mixing faith and humans.
    For every Bin Laden there is a Netanyahu. For every Netanyahu a Wiley Drake or a Pat Robertson.

    I was never treated with so much respect as I was in the ME. As safe walking the streets of Abu Dhabi or Dubai as in my mother’s arms.
    The hostility the Arab world feels for us is relatively new. There was only tension with Iran back in the 70s.
    The Arab world liked Jimmy Carter and all was well. With Reagan came the big embrace of Israel and there we have the number one reason for the hostilities we endure today.
    Israel is a terrorist state that has victimized the real Semitic people of that region. From all out air attacks on defenseless civilians to land grabs to the Holocaust in Gaza.

    Israel is the enemy of the Islamic people. We support Israel.
    Very simple.

    Treat Israel like the illegitimate protectorate it is, de-fund them, sanction them for their crimes against humanity… the common people of the world (not just Muslims) will look at America in a more generous light.

    Lie down with dogs, get fleas.

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