The Obamas and Race in America

I know all will not take the time or accept the opportunity to learn something new and open themselves up to a more indepth brand of thought, thinking or education. But I’m asking everyone to take the time to intently listen to Author & Professor Annette Gordon-Reed at NYU – Law speaking at University of Sydney about “The Obamas and Race in America“.

This is something specifically important for those who presently are opposed to President Obama for any reason or privately are realizing their uneasiness with Non-Whites in power, obtaining power and gaining power. I am not exclusively speaking about political power, but power in general.

This truly is a very informative discussion about race in America. Whether you choose not to accept the facts of it, America and many Americans continue to live with an adversity to true diversity.

It is not a surprise to those who has followed this blog for awhile that this lecture or topic would interest me. More than just politics I just want to help others who may not be comfortable or have not had much experience interacting with others in a conversation about race, racism, prejudice, bigotry, bias and tolerance. Often I’ve been misunderstood by those who choose division over diversity, but the only way to change the world and hate is by one person at a time.

So I invite you to take the opportunity to listen with the intent to learn and gain something new. If you choose to take the position of ignoring it just because it is about what you may be uncomfortable, unfamiliar or unwilling to expand your mind, then that’s your choice. At least you can not truthfully say that it wasn’t offered or you never had the opportunity.

Enjoy the discussion.

Annette Gordon Reed \”The Obamas and Race in America\”


2 thoughts on “The Obamas and Race in America

  1. Tim,
    I will listen to this .. thanks.

    Yes, there are those who are against the president because of racial views. And, as we know, some disagree with him because of policy – not of race. Yet, their are those who use policy disagreements to front their racism.

    Meanwhile, this is a great line ….. “uneasiness with Non-Whites in power, obtaining power and gaining power.” Well said.

    Now that I’ve returned from vacation, I have some catch-up reading to do here!

    1. I agree. It isn’t always about race, but often it is an element of race and unconscious racism that can only be measured by the inequalities in the statements and actions of the protesters. If it isn’t about race even unconsciously we would have seen the same outrage from the same group of people when Bush did worse. Wars, failing economy, foreclosures, Katrina, healthcare all happened under him, but the outrage is directed at Obama with all of these things used as a proxy.

      I know it’s not you specifically, I’m just saying.

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