Catering to the Village Idiot as a Political Strategy

What Happened to the GOP?
Catering to the Village Idiot as a Political Strategy

The party is now represented by ideologues instead of intellectuals. When Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck posses more persuasive power than the elected leadership, something has happened. When did hate become the standard?

I ask the question, ‘What happened to the GOP?’ not to insinuate, but to raise awareness of a problem that continues to go unresolved. The 2008 National Republican Convention had only 4% of non-Whites represented in its membership. The extent of the problem can be defined by a simple mental exercise.

If you are honest with yourself, what image immediately appears in your head when you think of, hear of or see ‘Republican’? Now do the same exercise for Democrats and the image is different and has a diverse range. This is the problem and what has been allowed to happen within the GOP in more progressive terms over the past 50 years.

If we just look at the perception of a Republican for a moment, we can collectively conclude that it tends to wrap itself in the comforts of White society. To be specific, the Southern White male more often than not. Don’t you find it a bit chilling if not strange that we can barely get a peep out of any non-White, non-Southern, non-male Republicans lately? Furthermore if or when a reasonable Republican (more often moderate) dares to speak up in truth, they are pounced on like a piece of red meet tossed into a shark tank.

What happened to the GOP?

Dialogue has been replaced by shouting, civility has been replaced by instability and discourse has been replaced by non-cooperation. Where are the lost voices of reasons? Have they all been ran out of the party like witches in old Salem. It’s shocking.


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