Bill Sparkman; a White 51 year old single father working part-time as a U.S. Census worker and teacher was found dead September 12th in a remote rural section of the Daniel Boone National Forest in Kentucky. Mr. Sparkman’s death was a result to a hanging. What is disturbing about this is that the word “Fed” was written on his chest.

My reasons for listing his race, age, marital status and occupation are to put a face to the victim of this crime. For those who may have heard or read about this crime may have initially asked the question either publicly or privately “Was he Black?” Be openly honest.

This is why I’m writing this, because not all crimes of hate is racially driven, but the fact we instantly think of that is just additional reason why America has yet to effectively address its problems with race. But this is a case where not race, but affiliation is cause for the bias.

I know this is standard police protocol to say that the death is being investigated to determine whether it is a case of a homicide or suicide. In addition, was motivated by his affiliation to the government or not.

Now being from the south I have a good feeling of the motivation behind this, but I will reserve my opinion for another day. I have an interesting question to present those who are open-minded enough to respond logically to it.

Should this be considered a Hate Crime?

I want to offer you what a hate crime is first. The FBI defines a Hate Crime also known as a bias crime as a criminal offense committed against a person, property, or society that is motivated, in whole or in part, by the offender’s bias against a race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or ethnicity/national origin.

I suggest an explicit definition of affiliation be amended to this Act as part of the definition and criteria of a hate or bias crime. There’s more to this story and the exploration of the killers’ motives will serve as confirmation to why I believe this should be considered a hate crime that resulted in an act of homicide.

Tell me your thoughts, ideas & suggestions. I will revisit this one soon.

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  1. I don’t know if I would call it a hate crime yet. I think they are still investigating. Was he in the wrong place at the wrong time? But if they find that his death is connected to some person or group that hates the government, then I suppose it could be a hate crime. There must be kind of charge against attacking/assaulting/killing a government worker… like a census taker.

  2. As with the previous comment, more information is needed. On the other hand, was he hanged for representing a government currently controlled by Democrats? Was he mistaken for someone else? (DEA, FBI, IRS, etc)? Even if so, hate because of who others associated him too … hmmmm … sounds like hate.

    Sad news … but interesting question to ponder.

  3. If he was killed for any reason other than the fact that he works for the “nigga in the white house”, his killers wouldn’t have gone through all the trouble of a hanging. They would have just shot or stabbed or beat him to death.

    Your feelings are right, Tim. The hanging was symbolic. To the vermin, they were hanging a “nigga lova”.
    Guess that makes me one too. Come get some, Righty.

    God, I hate these vermin with every last cell of my being.

    1. *I’m directing this to anyone who may be offended by any language in the last comment.*

      Please do not attack, because I clearly understand the point that’s being made. Plus the gentleman commenting has no history of racial animosity, so I am not offended and understand the points being made. Very good and honest person. Plus, can you prove him wrong? I don’t think so.

      I actually believe he has a very good point and can almost bet that the commenter is right. I’m just going to wait to see. But believe me when the investigation is over I will be revisiting this post.

      Thanks 😀

  4. Hi Tim,

    Shaking my head in disbelief that our society may be spiraling further downward into a deep hole of our own doing. Human life regardless of color, religion, sex, etc should be highly regarded/valued at all times. What next someone targeting someone else for simply wearing a sports uniform of another sports team into the wrong Rest Stop in a specific geographical area?! When will this madness stop?! Truly a sad story, but thanks for sharing it, so once the details emerge we may revisit the definition of a hate crime to take appropriate action. God have mercy.

    Safe travels and good weekend wishes to you, Tim.

    1. Well this time I don’t believe the race of the victim had much to do with it, but it race may be lurking in the shadows. I hope not. Be sure I’ll revisit this one as more detail is revealed about the case.

  5. Fine point, Al.

    I have always been in awe of mindless violence. Violence in any form, mindless or calculated, is insanity in it’s purest form. One is reactionary and one is methodical. But they both end in misery.

    I used to live in Los Angeles. Seemingly every day some kid killed or got killed because of the color of the shirt he was wearing. The Tookie Williams syndrome.
    I saw the cops beat the shit out of Rodney King for no reason whatsoever.
    We read of a security guard being trampled to death by a heard of scum on a “Christmas” shopping spree.
    The sports uniform thing…I saw a Pittsburgh Steelers fan beaten nearly to death by two Raiders fans at an LA game.

    This kind of stuff was either rare or non-existent in the 60s and 70s.
    There was no Columbine High back then. No one shot up their classmates.
    This is a relatively new phenomenon and I pray to God that it stops.
    I wish I had the answer, but I don’t.

  6. Yeah, sorry, Tim. You know me. If it true I’ll say it.
    And obviously I could never quote a racist as saying “I hate the African American fellow in the white house”.
    It would seem disingenuous to try. Even for the sake of PC.


    1. You’re OK with me. I understood you. I was just priming the reaction of others who may not understand. I’m in no way offended, because I understood the message and the intentions of the messenger. You would have to Photoshop a picture of me kissing Rush Limbaugh or hanging out with Dick Cheney for me to get upset with you. 😀

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