What’s So American About Competition?

As someone who has recently worked for two Health Insurance companies, although in the I.T. department, but none-the-less a health insurance company. One was small a worker’s compensation insurance company and treated their employees and clients well, until they were purchased by a large health insurance company. The other is the 2nd largest health insurance company in the country was simply HELL to work for, but I guess I asked too many questions.

After I started to think about health insurance reform I figured that I ask President Obama and my fellow Democrats three simple questions.

1. What’s so American about competition?

2. Why should we prevent health insurance CEO’s from living the American Dream?

3. I now see why the Republicans in congress, FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and the unaware virtually all White non-racially motivated people at the events are protesting. Is Joe Wilson right?


One thought on “What’s So American About Competition?

  1. I’ll toss this tidbit about insurance companies into the fray.

    Comparisons with other countries is often done — actually in both the positive and negative sense. However, many times it’s apples and oranges because in some countries, health insurance companies are not-for-profit organizations.

    I’m not saying US insurance companies should or shouldn’t be this way … just bringing forth a point.

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