Momma, Daddy is the Papa

Meredith Vieira talks to actress Mackenzie Phillips about her long-standing incestuous relationship with her father, her struggle with drug addiction and other details revealed in her new memoir, “High on Arrival.”

After watching this interview with Meredith I want ask a question which you will see below, but this interview may put the question in better context.

I’ve included a clip from her interview on Oprah, but urge you to watch the interview with Meredith Vieira.

Incest; could this be an acceptable reason for getting an abortion?

Now don’t get upset with me for asking the question, I’m just pointing out one of the 800 lbs Gorilla’s in the room of this story. I’m not suggesting or advocating my morals onto anyone by asking, but I am interesting in knowing what you think now that you’ve listened to the interview.

Unfortunately I’ve had the opportunity to have conversations with victims of rape and incest. The over arching affects that sexual abuse has on the mind of the one being abuse can make a long lasting impression in so many areas of a persons life. I raise the question about abortion to make a point, but as I’ve said in previous conversations on this blog is that you have to consider others, because you never know what or why someone decides to do what they do. Sometimes its not so clear cut as right or wrong as we can conclude in this case. This is why I will continue to advocate the simple strategy of Considering Others. Even if I am criticized in the process and/or misunderstood. The meaning is within the message.

Share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions about this.