I’m Not a Racist

Have you ever been called or thought of as a racist?

The rare occasions where I’ve been called racist actually made me laugh. I laugh because it was the only defense the person had left to use without sounding racist themselves. Sure they could have just called me some racially derogatory name, but that would mean they would have to own up to the title of racist. So in an attempt to get out of a conversation they are uncomfortable with they resort to calling me a racist.

I believe that racism is not racist, because anyone can be a racist. What I’ve strive to explain through multiple writings and conversations is to help people understand that racism is a learned behavior, but remains misunderstood. Speaking about race doesn’t make you a racist, but often it is how you speak about race that can lead someone to call you a racist. It’s not about if you are a racist when and if someone calls you a racist, but whether it can be proven by your actions whether you are or not. We all have made statements or acted in a way that can lead to the accusation of being called a racist.

So I want to begin a conversation about unconscious racism over the next few days. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, but I’m not a novice either. I can only speak fluently based off of my own experiences. If or when I’m theorizing or suggesting something I will do my best to make that clear.

I’m not suggesting that any one group is right and any one group is wrong. Like I’ve previously mentioned, anyone can be a racist. Ironically racism doesn’t discriminate.


6 thoughts on “I’m Not a Racist

  1. Tim, I look forward to your posts on unconscious racism b/c I know that’s what I’ve been trying to tune into myself.

    Great video … says a lot … thanks.

    1. Thanks Frank.

      I believe some may be surprised throughout this series of posts on this subject. I try to touch everything and challenge everyone, because it’s not exclusive to any one group or collection of people. This is just an effort to address some of the issues that many of us have towards each other. If we can simply begin to take the time to listen to each other and to be honest with ourselves and address the mistrust, valid or invalid and work through the issues to gain a better understanding of one another perhaps the death threats against President Obama would drop from the 400% (I’m not exaggerating that figure) it’s gone up since November 2008. Perhaps the way I loath James Dobson & Pat Robinson and others Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson can find common ground.

      I think it’s going to be a good conversation, but I’m sure I will have those who will just see the surface and go on the attack. As you already know Frank, I hope others will understand. I’m honestly not trying to attack anyone or point the finger of sole responsibility on any one group. I am trying to get people to understand and to consider other points of view of an issue in hopes of everyone gaining a better understanding. It may all be in vain, but no one will be able to say that I didn’t try.

      Thanks for reading.

  2. At a message board I have frequented for the last several years, there is one person who calls me a “racist”. The person in question is black. She/it is also a transvestite.
    She hates two things: White people and Christians.

    I have been ridiculed by this “person” as a “Neo-Confederate racist” because I identify as Southern. Never mind that my un-racist credentials are unquestionable. 🙂
    Though this particular person is more than comfortable as referring to whites as “pasty-ass whiteys” and “neo-Confederates”. Always happy to state how she “spits on Southern heritage”.

    Funny, I have tremendous respect for her African American heritage in spite of her diseased heart.

    Yep. Some can’t see the forest for the trees.

    1. Are you serious. You are not a racist. If so they’re going to come after you for befriending someone like myself. 🙂

      That just goes to prove that racism isn’t racist, because anyone can be a racist. I’ve been called a racist by a Black person before who didn’t know that I was Black. When I disputed their claims and added that I was also Black I never heard back from them. Some of the things I’ve talked about when it comes to racism has been from experiences within my own race. Some people believe that racism is exclusive, but that’s the big mistake there. Racism, bigotry, prejudice, intolerance and hate ironically doesn’t discriminate. It isn’t what it is as I like to say.

      When certain individuals who has commented on this blog in the past has called me some ridiculous things I’ve learned that they generally are trying to hide something about themselves by projecting it onto someone else. It’s almost like farting in an elevator and acting like the guy next to you did it. (I’m sorry for that analogy.)

      I haven’t found any reason to even halfway consider you being a racist. Although that picture of you, David Duke and Minister Louis Farrakkahan at a Sarah Palin rally is a bit confusing. 😀

      I’m just playing with you, I know you’re not. And for anyone reading this I have never personally met captainkona so don’t start trippin’ I’m just being silly with my friend.

  3. LOL

    I grabbed Sara Palin’s ass at that rally. She stuck her phone number in my pocket as we were leaving.


    Hey man, I would like your opinion on this recent controversial headline by Kleinheider at Nashville Post.

    It’s an old “blackface” reference that understandably has caused the author to take some heat. But the debate is…Is it racist, or just racial? Or neither?
    I’m 100% certain that Kleinheider is not a racist. No history of such.
    I’ll bet he has a whopper of a headache right about now.


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