Open Invitation to You

Dear TI&S Blog Reader,

The past few post have been more of an introduction to this conversation I would like to have with you. A bit of a primer to get you comfortable enough to speak freely and without reservation. I understand that race is considered taboo for some people, but the avoidance and silence only promotes the taboo-ism of discovering what is true, misconceptions and out false evidence appearing real.

So I offer you this invitation to prove your open-mindedness and to extend an opportunity to have true, honest and unbiased dialogue about race. Instead of going with what’s comfortable, I hope all who are willing to read this message can accept this invitation for what it is, an opportunity to learn, acknowledge and make truthful assertions towards better understanding what is often taught to misunderstand.

The conversation is not going to be easy, nor will it reveal some of our actions in the best light. That’s OK. The point of it all is to not only talk, but to accept responsibility, incorporate and promote what is true. You are not always right, nor am I. Forgiveness begins with you acknowledging your mistakes or misconceptions. Reconciliation is not just a transformative act for others, but it is for you too.

Regardless of our various differences and opinions; despite our environments or experiences, even what we believe to be the gospel truth, this much I absolutely know is true. It’s alright for you to understand, appreciate and value who you are, but understand who I am. I represent the consideration of others.

You may disagree with a point-of-view politically, professionally, sexually or spiritually, but you will not be able to speak in honesty that I do not and/or did not consider you and appreciate who you are.

After the ending of this conversation you decide that I’m a fraud, hypocrite, racist, bias or unfair in some way towards you, and then we can respectfully conclude that we can not agree and never intentionally disturb each other again.

I respectfully invite you to participate in this conversation by visiting my blog ( Monday, October 5, 2009. Please come with an open-mind and spirit.


Tim Valentine