I’m Not a Racist? (Conversation 4)

When you fail to understand the racial history that is now found in the stereotypical caricatures of Blacks in the United States you may not realize the harm and resentment that is stirred when certain images are portrayed in newspapers, emails, newsletters, radio/television commentary and references. So when you see the image of a monkey being shot in a newspaper in reference to a political policy you tend to question those who try to defend those newspaper editors’ actions. When you see the image of the White House with a watermelon patch in front of it distributed by a Republican representative staff you begin to question the motives. When you have a newsletter distributed by a conservative group with the face of the President on a food stamp with a picture of Kool-Aid and Watermelon on it you begin to question. When you see countless of images and portrayals of the first President who is Black not with the typical satire, but a racialized images you must question those who believe that race has nothing to do with it. Often they do not know history. (If you click on the watermelon link you will see my point)

I agree it is not always about race, but race is playing a big part in the opposition. Whether they know it or not, unconscious racism and systemic racism has found a voice in the Republican Party. What once found solace in the Party of the People; the Democratic Party has found a new home in the GOP.

I’ve been told by some very culturally unaware people who work to counter my analysis by asking, “What about Michael Steele? He’s Black, so the GOP isn’t racist.

This silly rationale is even more revealing of the misunderstanding of unconscious racism. Since we’ve already discussed Zip Coon, Sambo and tokenism I see little reasons for us to go into any further detail. Although I’m not suggesting that Michael Steele is any of these. In fact I have spoken more highly of Chairman Steele than harshly on this blog. Personally I believe it’s unfortunate that he is responsible for the GOP at this time, because he’s being used by the Republican Party in more ways than he and Republicans or Conservatives are willing to admit.

Just as many First-time Black and Latino Mayors get their chance as mayor of a city, it is often when things are grim, so do Michael Steele and President Obama. You don’t have to believe me I know I’m speaking the truth on this one. This is leading to systemic racism, but I don’t want to jump the gun without saying a few more things about this. There are many talented and gifted Black Republicans who if given the chance in time of civility instead of the turmoil Chairman Steele is forced to deal with, the GOP would have a more realistic support in the communities they have opposed the last 40 years.

Democrats will continue to beat the racial politics stick over the head of Republicans until they finally get tired of it. Get mad at me if you wish, but just look at the history of discrimination by the hands of Republicans since Nixon. Look at when the GOP lost the support of many minority groups. What was the reason for it? What was going on in the country? Then follow the discriminatory trail up to now and look at the demographics of the party in comparison to the Democratic Party.

President Clinton was cleaver with it, Gov. Howard Dean was effective and strategic with it and with the decades of neglect in several indicators among minorities during Reagan and Bush in addition to the efforts of various civil rights, human rights, social justice and other advocacy and grass-root organizations the stage was practically set for Democrats to win if they were unified on the strategy. The last straw and the break was watching and listening to Republican lead response during Hurricane Katrina. The remarks and actions of George W. Bush in addition to watching people stranded in New Orleans did it. And who were the majority of those people trapped? Minorities and poor Whites.  It’s more than just about race, because systemic racism effects the poor, disenfranchised and uneducated just as hard as it has many minority communities.

When I have said on here that there is a constituency that’s silently watching, I’m trying to warn you to be aware of what you’re doing and do not underestimate them. It’s time to wake up from the unconscious and systemic racism and discrimination. Once again I say to the Republicans and Conservatives who are disproportionately White. The Democratic Party will continue to beat this racial politics stick over your head until you change.

Change is not what calling the President a Marxist, Socialist or Hitler. It’s not saying that he’s not an American when it has been proven repeatedly that he is by state officials, for those state’s rights people reading. I’m saying this as a Democrat. You have a critical cultural problem that is not in your party’s long-term favor statistically, politically, socially and internationally. Consider how Republican members are viewed throughout the world in comparison to Democratic members of our government. That’s not Obama’s fault.

Protest and continue on with your current strategy if you wish, but it’s making your problem bigger and improving the Democrats long-term chances. When you have conservatives cheering the lost of the Olympics being held in Chicago, an American city, it is an indicator of how far and unpatriotic the party is becoming.

How do or can you explain that away?

The anything and everything or kitchen-sink strategy didn’t work for Hillary Clinton, backfired on John McCain in addition to some other decisions he made and it is not working now, regardless of President Obama. This strategy doesn’t work. Now I can’t make that any more plain than that. I’m telling what it is, just listen and do something about it. Forget the skin or the mistrust you have been taught about someone like me. Forget the political party I affiliate with and consider the truth in what is being said. Truth matters. What you are doing is destroying you. FOX News, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and many others are lying to you.