I’m Not a Racist? (Conversation 5)

The extent of racism both unconscious and systemic is found throughout not only the American society, but the world. I have reference the United States, but I do not want you to believe that it is exclusively found within its borders, because it was born many years before America was ever known. So don’t find comfort in our discussion as it is an American problem, because we only have to look into the history of other countries to discover a lack of diversity within its government too.

As we move closer to our conclusion I want to bring up the notion of this inequality that has been practice in our churches, governments, schools, communities, families and even as far as in our relationships.

It is the writings of Buckner H. Payne’s book published in 1867 “THE NEGRO: What is His Ethnological Status?” I reference for this conversation about unconscious and systemic racism.

The states and people that favor this equality and amalgamation of the white and black races, God will exterminate. A man can not commit so great an offense against his race, against his country, against his God as to give his daughter, in marriage to a Negro – a beast.”

This sort of non-sense has been going on for many years and to this very day and has been handed down like a family quilt for each generation to give to their children. Regardless of race, this fallacy has been made relevant by those who continue to practice it in all of our communities. Racism isn’t what it is, has never been truer than when it comes to love.

As someone who has been in relationships with people who were not of my race on more than a few occasions I can relate to the subtle and overt racist gestures and feelings people have when they see interracial couples. This is apart of the reasons why I say that racism isn’t racist, because I can easily recall some very racist gestures perpetrated by Blacks as well as Whites. It’s the reason why I have no problems addressing what some have called reactionary racism within the Black community. Just like the so-called reverse racism, reactionary racism is still racism. An eye for an eye leaves both of us without vision.

Before offering any personal examples, let us find a benchmark to reference. It was just 42 year ago on June 12, 1967 when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that it was legal for interracial couples to marry in every state. That’s just a few years before I was born.

This is why I have to laugh at those who call the N.A.A.C.P. a racist organization, because they do not know history. If this was halfway true, then there would be no organization since it was founded by Whites and Blacks. Also what about the Chairman being married to a White woman. I’m sure a racist organization wouldn’t allow such blasphemy from its leaders. Even the current President of the N.A.A.C.P. my man Ben Jealous is bi-racial. What’s up with that? Again, I joke about it because it’s almost laughable. Many people who are racist do not know history or care to research it before making racist statements.

There are many famous, notable and powerful people who are either married to someone of a different race or the product of an interracial marriage or relationship. To name a few producer and music mogul Quincy Jones, Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen (R), President Barack Obama, rock musician Lenny Kravitz, supermodel Heidi Klum and singer Seal, Iman and David Bowie, Tiger Woods and Soledad O’Brien are just a few.

The point is that love sees no color although we do. Some have said they are only attracted to certain people. That’s fine, but if you close your heart to love because of race or the proxy of I’m not attracted to someone because of race then how can you say that you are not racist? It doesn’t make you a racist because you tend to be attracted to a certain type of person, but if you do not consider or pursue someone because of race I’m not sure what else to call it.

Now that’s what sexy is, speaking honestly and truthfully. The mind is what’s attractive regardless of race. The true beauty of a person is not found on the outside package, but the gift that’s on the inside. You can be a beautiful person physically, but its when you communicate with someone is when beauty is measured. I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of women. Men are often so impatient that they don’t give love a chance or the time to develop before they are in search of… Well I will continue this conversation in more scandalous details tomorrow. I hope you can join me.

***I will let you stew on this for the weekend, but hope to hear from you, because we’re nearing our conclusion. But not without getting into the touchiest of all the topics.***

4 thoughts on “I’m Not a Racist? (Conversation 5)

  1. Hi Tim,

    An extraordinary effort on your part to make a commitment to deliver on this highly sensitive/controversial topic–two thumbs up to you sir. Having shared this experience here with you this week, I’m beginning to think that an early childhood intervention of sorts may be an effective tool to rid society of so much of our entrenched thinking/feeling around the subject of race. Again, exceptional job and best wishes for a safe and wonderful weekend. Back again next week to catch up on your posts. Safe travels.

    1. Thank you Al.

      I knew not everyone likes or would be willing to confront unconscious and systemic racism in others and themselves, but I just felt it was time that I went into detail on it.

      I imagine the individuals who I contacted who had issues with me regarding other topics including race may have not accepting my invitation to join this discussion. Regardless of what they believe my intentions were I only seek to do what I have told others to do and consider others.

      Next week I will conclude this discussion, but hopefully at the conclusion everyone will have a better grip on the slipper subject of race.

      There’s much more to discuss, but when I have earned the opportunity to speak on a more public stage I will include this and more to the conversation.

      Finally, I do appreciate you and those who have taken the time to read, watch and listen to what I’ve put together here. At least it’s not in vain.



  2. Not in vain at all.

    In fact, adhering to the AG Holder philosophy that only cowards cannot have civil discussion concerning race. This is true and applies to all people of all ethnic backgrounds.
    We cannot move beyond biased confines without reaching understandings with others as well as within.

    Watching people on the coward side of the equation going ape shit over Obama’s NPP shows that there is still a long and perilous journey ahead.
    But the destination is inevitable.
    This generation will leave our children with a better understanding of the value of diversity.
    The future is bright.

    Have good weekend. I have a giant bag of Orange Kush and plan to smoke myself silly.
    I think I’ll start right now.

    1. Thanks,

      Well I have a few more to go, but we’re halfway there. So I have a few more things to say.

      Actually I just happen to be drinking a grape crush right now, but I know that’s not what you was referring to. Enjoy your weekend.

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