I’m Not a Racist? (Conversation 6)

In continuation of our discussion in terms of relationships I want to conclude with this piece before moving into religion and then our conclusion.

OK, now when you listen to the rhetoric of the guy in his living room talking listen closely, because it’s revealing. The one truth he said is that he was taught that it was wrong, but he never questioned what he was taught as if it was wrong. It’s amazing to me. The mind of a racist is truly fascinating to me, because of the logic used is often unstable and contradicts itself when analyzed or tested.

It is a damn shame that people continue to use the weak ass defense that a mixed child will have a more difficult time with people accepting them than if they were of one race. This is ignorant and anyone who believes this excuse for discrimination is a fool. The solution is to not discriminate. What is it that you are doing by making such a statement? I’ve heard this nonsense from Black and White people as one of the argument against interracial dating. Who knows what the child will grow up to be, perhaps the President of the United States.

I have experience this level of racism and bigotry from people close to me and people who just perceive me as a Black man up to something no good. The examples of bigotry I’ve received from Blacks, Whites and one Asian man in regards to relationships has been discussed and documented many times by people who experienced the same level of discrimination.

What was interesting were those who personally knew me. I’ve been suspiciously questioned about people who were co-workers or friends who were of a different race and gender by people Black and White. Who is that? What were you all doing together? Even one lady asked me why were you two out like that? As if we were up to something no good. When I tell them that they use to work with me or I went to school when them or even a former customer/client of mine they have nothing to say. They were suspicious, because they saw a Black man with a White, Latina or Arab woman. Nothing said if it’s a guy, only a woman.

There’s nothing wrong with interracial relationships. Love is in the mind, not body. I may say I love your body, but that’s not love. Our bodies can and will change, either for the better or worse. When you love someone, you love who they are and not what they are or appear to be.

***As we near our conclusion I want to know your thoughts thus far. Share your experiences with interracial relationships. Because the next topic is religion. I’m sure those who are not already upset may get a bit uncomfortable soon.***