NFL Team: St. Louis Republicans?

I just wanted to make a quick point about this whole thing with Rush Limbaugh bid to purchase an NFL team. Now I’m sure there are some Republicans may be anticipating me taking the opportunity to beat up on him, but you would once again be wrong. I think that if Rush Limbaugh wants to purchase a NFL team and he has the means to do it and follows the guidelines set by the NFL he should be allowed to make an offer.

Now I disagree with the fact that Rush Limbaugh thinks he is not a racist. He can think that, but he contradicts himself without even realize it. What amazes me about the unconscious racist is not their lack of understanding about racism itself, but the oblivion to their own actions.

There are so many instances that I can quote Rush Limbaugh speaking negatively about race, often towards Blacks and Latinos. But because someone is a racist doesn’t mean they can not or should not have the opportunity to own a NFL or any other professional sports team. The test is whether you, the non-racist will support a racist. He has the right to own whatever he can purchase, just as Bob Johnson; a Billionaire who is Black owns an NBA team and Jay-Z; a businessman, entertainer and who is also Black owns a portion of an NBA team.

The problem is not Rush Limbaugh this time, but whether you will support Rush Limbaugh if he is successful in purchasing the St. Louis Rams.

In addition it allows everyone to see what the NFL Players Association is morally made of too. Will players of all races be willing to play on a team where the owner is racially and politically controversial? Will they have the moral fortitude to stand on their own principles and refuse to play for a team where the owner has repeatedly offended many people who are not White and Republican?

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was right, because “It’s All About The Benjamin’s” on this and so many issues. Rush Limbaugh makes money doing what he does everyday and people pay him to offend people. If that means being a racist or stoking White racial fear, then that’s what he’s going to do. It’s all a testament of your moral values. He has a right to do what he does and we have a right not to buy what he is offering or is associated with.

So if St. Louis and the NFL is willing to deal with him we need not to be upset with Rush, but the NFL. They control the ball on this play. Rush is wanting to get the ball, but if he does we can tackle him not by verbal protest, but by not supporting what he’s involved in. It essentially comes down to the money.

Regardless what position you play when it comes to the strange, but well acquainted team of racism, sports and Rush you have to admit that the position I’m proposing is fair and ultimately the one that calls the shots in the end.

Not So Seriously Speaking
  • The discrimination will be indisputable when a prominent Democrat or Liberal buys a failing sports team and Republicans cry out against it, because you know many will. I wonder who will be the voice of reason then?
  • So my Republican friends don’t be upset, because I agree that the transaction is not about race. Sharpton & Jackson bring up race because of Rush’s history of racist remarks that even you can not deny he’s made. But Rush should be allowed to buy the team if he can meet the NFL standards. Sharpton & Jackson should concentrate on getting people not to support a racist. Racism isn’t racist, because anyone can be a racist.
  • I say Obama purchases a team and watch the reaction. How about the Clinton Clippers (reference to the NBA L.A. Clippers), how about the Keith Olbermann Mets or the Obama Blackhawks (reference to the NHL Chicago Blackhawks).
  • Seriously, if Rush does get to purchase the team and renames it to the St. Louis Republicans, perhaps he can have one or two Blacks and Latinos on their team to make it more representative. 😀
  • Ahw come on now, you know that’s funny. OK, let me be fair. If some Democrat buys a team he/she can make sure everyone is represented, but who would be the quarterback? (Some will get that joke and many won’t.)
  • Who knows, being around so many Black people may open Rush’s mind and heart up. 🙂

UPDATE: NFL/Rams Owner; Dave Checketts are not going to consider Rush Limbaugh’s offer. I’m a bit surprised, because I thought everyone including the NFL and Rush Limbaugh was colorblind. I guess green isn’t the only color they see, perhaps the colorful remarks repeatedly made by Rush was too vivid for them to consider. Oh Well Rush, keep doing what you’re doing. There’s always the NHL or even better the NBA. 🙂 For once I was actually giving you the benefit of the mountain of doubts. It would have been an excellent test to see how true people like myself who disagrees with you would stand behind their rhetoric and not continue to support anything you’re apart of. It worked in Birmingham, why not St. Louis.
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  1. For so many years he has spent his time on the radio mis-labeling others. Finally he had his judgment day.

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