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When I open the Sunday paper (10/18/09) and read that the title “New Conservative Bible” you knew I had to see what it was talking about. There’s so much that I can say about this story and the multiple ways how this is dangerous and silly at the same time. The outrageousness and humor within this story is a prime example how far some people will go to be right. Regardless if you’re a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Democrat or Moderate Republican you’ll find this story interesting. Please feel free to chime in if you like, just be respectful in your comments.

Andrew Schlafly is the founder of wants to change the words of the Bible to fit a more conservative ideology. I guess Deuteronomy 4:2, Deuteronomy 12:32, Revelations 22:18 may not be in this new Conservative Version of the Bible if Mr. Schlafly has his way.

Now there were many skeptics who are conservatives and Christian who were asked if they would support Mr. Schlafly’s Conservative Bible Project. I’m almost amazed at the arrogance of Mr. Schlafly to consider such a project, who does he think he is, King James.

How will he justify II Corinthians 2:17 (NIV) in this Conservative version of the Bible?

I don’t mean to keep beating a dead elephant, but you have to consider the absolute seriousness of such a project. The world, including the religious world is already messed up by previous works, when will it stop?

Perhaps I can suggest Mr. Schlafly or even better the church he attends to read II Corinthians 4:2 (NIV) before starting any conservative-centric biblical project, because considering distorting the word of God any more than it already has been distorted couldn’t have a positive outcome if you claim to be a Christian.

If you claim to be a follower of God, then follow him and stop trying to follow the every changing whims of society. This is one of the major problems I see in many of our churches today, not only the Christian church, but many other religious beliefs. We’re so divided in faith; the world only sees us on one accord when it comes to our hypocrisy.

We tell the world to love, but we hate the gay and/or lesbian friends and family members. We will speak loudly against abortion, but can barely get a peep out of many of us to the life we’ve destroyed with our words. We’re so busy God damning people instead of restoring people through God.

I understand that it’s not all Christians, because there are some who do try to do good, despite the evil many purposely, selfishly and unconsciously do in the name of Jesus. WE CONTINUE to sit in our segregated sanctuaries playing church instead of being a sanctuary for subjegated and discriminated of the world.

To my fellow Christians, if you really hear God’s words (John 8:47), if you are serious about keeping God’s words (John 17:6) and if you are hated because of God’s words (John 17:14), then do not be like Andrew Schlafly and try to add to His words (Proverbs 30:6).

If you take the time to read this article (New Conservative Bible will Eliminate ‘liberal’ text) you will see the extent this guy wants to take the Bible to fit a conservative ideology.

Perhaps changing your ideology to fit the Bible would make better sense, but that would mean being uncomfortable. Many have already shaped and molded the Bible to conform to their misconceptions and interpretations of it instead of considering what it is really saying.

Perhaps that’s why I have some Christians get upset with me for openly being considerate, accepting and welcoming of whom they have condemned to the pits of Hell. Just because you choose not to believe what I believe doesn’t mean I can not be accepting of what you believe. You can not teach unless you’re willing to learn. This doesn’t mean that I have to believe what you believe, but if I am to be true in my own beliefs I should demonstrate what I believe and love you. Consider Others. (Read that again, because in essence that’s who I try to be & do.)

I’m not using this as an opportunity to bash or criticize conservatives, because I’m a liberal. This is an opportunity, more than it is an issue. An opportunity for us to learn in order to teach each other about who we really are and strive to be.

Footnote: I purposely only used the New International Version of the Bible in all of my biblical references because Andrew Schlafly says it is too liberal. I just understand it better, but perhaps I’m too liberal. 🙂

I wonder who’s next he’ll want to removed from the Bible.

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6 thoughts on “The Conservative Bible Project

  1. You’d think that blaspheming geek would at least have the decency to do something about that disgusting grill of his before having a close up picture taken.

    I hope people like this continue to try and “take away from and add to” the holy scriptures. That way we know we’ll make it to heaven due to Hell’s overcrowding problem.
    Thanx, Schlafly! We’ll send you bags of ice.

    1. captainkona: I couldn’t believe it when I read it. I wanted to go further, but it wouldn’t have matter with some of these people. Truth is irrelevant, even when it’s coming from God. Amazing.

  2. As soon as I read that this is the guy that started Conservapedia, I stopped reading — If I kept reading it would seem I’m giving him credibility … na-baby-na … no so!

    Good work Tim … but is the he really worth the effort?

    1. I almost didn’t bother posting it, but just wanted to make the point of how far people go. I absolutely would have made the same criticisms of a Democrat or Liberal trying to do the same thing. That’s a dangerous game he’s playing and to translate something you have to leave your own opinions and ideology at the door and not allow it to influence the translation. I’m sure I would have some difficulties, but I do try to be fair and when I discover a better way of doing something I work on doing it.

      This story irritated me not because he was trying to alter the words of God to fit his own ideology instead that of God. But this really is one of my last political posts for awhile. I’m sure I’ll touch on something here and there, but saving myself for the crap that will come our way from all sides in 2010.

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