Response to Peace

I wanted to return briefly to a post that I made a few days ago on Saturday, October 10th in regards to President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

What I’ve found simply amazing is not the anticipated dissent from many Republicans, because sadly it has become expected, which is a strong indictment on the GOP than it is anyone else. What was amazing was another instance of where the overwhelming consent of the Republican Party is in agreement with the Taliban. This is becoming a political trend.

How many U.S. Presidents have won the Nobel Peace Prize?

Now my fellow Democrats we can not include Vice-President Al Gore’s win two years ago, although he got more votes in 2000. Like our Republicans friends like to remind us Bush won. Remember that point, because it will come back up in a few minutes.

Now our 28th President, Woodrow Wilson (D) won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919 due to the personal control he took over the negotiations with Germany in the late stages of the World War. The Fourteen Points for a post-war world helped avoid another conflict. In the same year he went to Paris to create the League of Nations and helped shape the Treaty of Versailles. When he was back home in the U.S. he had a stroke while engaging in a bitter fight with the Republican-controlled Senate over forming the League of Nations.

President Obama now joins the rank and stature of President Woodrow Wilson as a President who won the Nobel Peace Prize. Please do not allow the inability of certain members of Congress who can not embrace peace and true bipartisanship lead you to the same fate as President Wilson faced. It’s been 90 years since Woodrow Wilson won the same award and dealt with stubborn members of Congress. Do what needs to be done and let those who oppose peace continue to reveal themselves.

Republicans can always reference President Theodore Roosevelt. President Theodore Roosevelt won the Nobel Peace Prize like the guy he lost to in the 1908 Presidential Election, Woodrow Wilson. President Roosevelt negotiated an end to the Russo-Japanese War which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.

Although it’s been a little more than 90 year since a Republican President, during or after his administration has won the Nobel Peace Prize, Republicans should be proud of the accomplishments of this Presidents works towards peace. President Obama is now in the company of the only Republican President to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Talking about bipartisan effort for peace, it took over 90 years, but it’s happen once again.

President Jimmy Carter (D) is the only President thus far to have won the Nobel Peace Prize after he left the office of President. President Carter won the 2002 Nobel Peace Prize “for his decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights, and to promote economic and social development.”

So President Obama is in good company, two Democrats and one Republican as a President and a Democratic Vice-President who has won the Nobel Peace Prize. Not bad in the eyes of most. Well with the exception of many Republicans like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

Why do they oppose peace?

So I say that it’s simply amazing at the levels some will go. No one can say that I’m injecting race, because I’m using the same ridiculous excuse those who are unconscious of racism use, especially in politics, because I’m using the quote of one Black guy to validate that it isn’t about race. 😀

The short-sided stance some have accepted that President Obama hasn’t achieved anything is interesting at best. But I guess looking through a tainted lens it could look that way. Like Rep. Grayson has said, it doesn’t matter what this President does many Republicans will not like it. He could discover the cure for cancer and they would still question, mistrust and hate him for it. There’s not much any facts, realities or truths can really do for these people. They are set to self-destruct and nothing you or I do will persuade them to change, they have to do it for themselves or let history view them as history has viewed people on the wrong side of an issue for years, wrong.

BTW – How did Henry Kissinger get the prize during the Vietnam War? Oh, I forgot that’s different.

So as there will be those who choose not to celebrate peace in any form, especially from a certain U.S. President named Barack Obama, they will not accept any truth or facts presented to them. So I suggest to simply allow them to destroy themselves as painful as it is to watch and preventable it is, it has to happen.

I agree with many who support any effort of peace throughout the world when I say Congratulations once again Mr. President. Keep doing what you’re doing, the enemy is on the defense now.

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