One Friend in Congress

At least I know if I decide to run for Congress I will have at least one friend. If that’s all I have that’s fine with me, because this guy is speaking the truth. Some people whether you’re Republican or Democrat may not like this one, but I don’t care this time.

I absolutely love this guy. I’ve wanted to move to Orlando, so let me find the 8th District so I can have him as my congressman. This is what I’ve been talking about when it comes to politics.

I know this is early, but how about Cory Booker/Alan Grayson in 2016. You have to know some politics to know about this one, but those of you in New Jersey and Florida should check each other out. I think this would be a very unexpected ticket that would really be about doing what’s difficult, but right for all and not the work of only the left or the right.


3 thoughts on “One Friend in Congress

  1. Hey Tim,

    An interesting post sir. An interesting 2016 ticket too. Good to see that you are consistently promoting what’s best for the country as a whole as oppose to engaging in partisan politics, which as you already know has stifled our daily progress on many fronts. Off to visit another one of ‘Frank’s “brunch” like Friday posts. Hope all is well with you and yours. Have a safe/relaxing weekend.

    1. Mayor Cory Booker of Newark, NJ is someone whose story would be attractive politically to many people. His educational resume is very similar to President Obama’s in term of quality. He would appeal to Progressive & Conservative Democrats, Moderate Republicans and Independents. He would need a person like Rep. Grayson to pick-up some of the other Democrats and/or someone like Gov. Charlie Crist to pick up more moderate Republicans. That would probably be a better ticket if you’re wanting a more centrist administration.

      I have had my eye on Cory Booker for awhile, just to see what he’s going to do politically. He’s nationally known, but just not as well as others. This one may be a 2016 possibility. I’m sure Charlie Crist just may be in the 2016 race. But that’s just my political analysis. Rep. Grayson is more of an administration person more than presidential, at this time.

  2. I am very aware of Grayson. I do not live in his district, I live in a District of Dick Cheney and Glenn Beck is God yahoo’s and “MY” Congressman is The Compassionate tolerant of all other views Bill Posey. (Jumping For Joy)

    And we have just one Talk Show that is Liberal, His name is Jim Phillips and he is the #1 Show in Orlando

    If you have XM he is on evenings on XM 152 He soes not always talk Politics, alot of it is silly talk but he and his group are very entertaining

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