What Church Do You Go To?

Why should The Church, whether it is Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Catholic, etc exclude or discriminate someone because of who or what they are?

I am a Christian, so I can only speak in reference of my own beliefs. As a Christian and more importantly as an individual I personally respect those who subscribe to a religious belief system and those who do not. How I understand Christianity, if God is no respecter of persons and if Jesus said the greatest commandment is love, then I can’t form a valid reason why The Church should exclude, discriminate or hold a bias against any one for who or what they are. But that’s my opinion. What is yours?

When I check out Romans 2 (NIV) & Matthew 7 (NIV) I have not found a reason yet that I should discriminate. So why do we find so many instances where Christians and their Churches participating in discrimination? You name any taboo issue and you can find a Christian or a Church who is or has worked against it.

I know someone doesn’t believe me, so let me just throw out a few. Racism… If this isn’t one of the most obvious then I’ll respond with, “What is 11 o’clock on a Sunday Morning?” Alex.

Pick a church, any church on any given Sunday and see how segregated it is. Yeah, there are some churches that have a few sprinkling of other cultures within its members, and that’s good. But it only takes a few conversations with people to get a sense of the true church that’s within its members.

Now since I’ve already started something, let me go on and really get myself pelted with the verbal stones and just ask my fellow believers this question. Can an openly gay man or woman with no intentions or interest in changing or hiding their sexual preferences welcome to be apart of your church?

Now I already know what some of the responses are going to be, but listen to what I’m asking you. This is a good indicator of what church you’re going to. For those who will still come at me for asking such a question I have to counter by referencing my original question at the beginning of this post.

I have friends who do not believe in God, but have enough respect to recognize that I do and we’re still friends. Even when we disagree on matters of God we have managed to maintain mutual respect for each others beliefs. This is the same for my friends who are Muslim, Jewish, Catholic or Agnostic. It is what I believe that motivates me to respect others for who they are and not discriminate or hold a bias against them for what they believe or practice. I haven’t found a valid reason why I should discriminate, have you?

Instead of being upset by the question, question yourself and see how you respond.


2 thoughts on “What Church Do You Go To?

  1. Hi, nice post!
    I’ll tell you a quick story. My adult son, who has schizophrenia, and I, (with depression) went on a horse trail ride. The woman was a Christian. This was in a small rural town close to my hometown but I live in a place, an hour from this farm, that is considered a liberal town, one where many “evils,” take place, such as single moms, gay people, lefties, and New York Jews (like my best friend(s). This Christian family seem to fall in love with my son, saying how they wanted to use the horses to help us and also wanted us to visit their church. Well, turns out I was ousted. The hubby liked the dress I wore one day and so said when I told him I do believe in God that “even Satin believes in God.” I have fibromyalgia and was told by the wife that every time I felt pain then I was being reminded of sin, mine I assumed. Sigh… I’d like to find the fantasy church in my head; where people gather, smile, cry, sing beautiful music, pray for each other and go home leaving everyone to live their lives the best they can ’til nxt Church going time.

  2. I am not a Church Goer,
    One time I was watching a Guy on TV from a Calvary Church from Ft Lauderdale, I had watched him because He often was funny and positive (he looks like Dana Carvey) But one time he is up and is showing 6 Different Bibles and is talkiing about how they are different and his churches bible is Correct and the other Christian Bibles were wrong.
    Can someone explain that to me?
    I hear how Muslims preach hate. But it seems to me depending on which Christian Bible and church is speaking the message is so much different and a whole lot of hate is sure being taught.
    I am sure this goes on in every religion (My Dads side of the family is Jewish and whiten that side there are deep divisions in beliefs.

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